The Future Of Fashion Is Here With Rickie Cruz

The Future Of Fashion Is Here With Rickie Cruz
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We have a natural curiosity about the future. Throughout history, we’ve always looked to experts who would predict it. However, when it comes to fashion, the predictions were mainly centered on women’s fashion compared to men’s. 

Still, men’s fashion evolved right under our noses. We’ve witnessed men transition from wearing conservative black or navy suits to more creative and colorful looks. Women are not the only ones stealing the limelight. More and more men are motivated to break the boundaries of tradition and show up with an outfit that marks the beginnings of the future. 

Read on to learn how Rickie Cruz is ushering in the future of fashion in the world of male fashion. 

About Rickie Cruz 

Rickie Cruz (or Cesar Cruz) is the entrepreneur behind one of the leading luxury brands in male fashion, the Sebastian Couture brand. He started the brand in 2013 when he got the motivation to fill a missing gap in the fashion industry. 

Cesar entered the market selling pocket squares. He introduced fine linen pocket squares with hand-crocheted borders. These pocket squares ushered in the future of accessories as there were no other hand-crocheted pocket squares in the market. 

At the time, the pocket squares in the market were 16 by 16-inch types made from silk or similar soft fabrics. These pocket squares were of no use at all as they would fall off. In addition to this, the pocket squares in the market were mainly made from conservative colors. They would cost around $400. 

Paving the way for the future of fashion

Cesar branched into exclusive dinner jackets after launching pocket squares. His first jacket post was a White Paisley dinner jacket which he accessorized with a yellow gold Rolex. Cesar posted this look on Facebook and paid $20 to boost it. He ended up getting 100+ pre-orders with the retail price of $1495 for each dinner jacket. People would archaically take measurements and submit a credit card authorization form via paper for payment. 

Cesar states that everything they create is with passion. They don’t follow trends but pave the way for them. The evidence for this is shown in the way more and more men, including high-profile personalities, have looked to Cesar to get the look. 

Cesar’s Influence 

Cesar continues to influence fashion trends. Celebrities have worn his suits, like Rami Maleck and Britney Spear’s fiance, Sam Ashgari. Sam was recently spotted wearing an iconic Lino Tweed suit by Sebastian Cruz Couture

Cesar’s designs have been such a massive success that there were incidents where other fashion companies would mimic his style. He states that he learned throughout his entrepreneurship that loyalty is hard to find. Cesar would hire a manufacturer for his designs, only for the manufacturer to copy the design and create a cheap version of the original. 

Still, Cesar persisted in producing outfits that were bold and elegant. He states fashion should be an expression of one’s individuality. 

Cesar’s operations also mark the beginnings of the future. He is one of the few luxury fashion brands that 100% avoided brick-and-mortar and prioritized eCommerce. He did this in 2014 when most fashion brands had not realized the potential of online. The direct buyer-to-consumer experience helped make their brand accessible to a dier market. 

You can check out Cesar’s bold fashion here

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