The Role of Social Media in the Content Creator Economy

The Role of Social Media in the Content Creator Economy
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Creating content for any medium requires skill and much time. Whether writing an engaging tweet or creating the perfect post for Instagram, you require essential planning and the right tools.

Social media is vital for content creation and an integral element of any good marketing strategy, including strategist to build your personal brand. Content creators write posts according to their personal voice and social strategy and are able to communicate their message to their fans with authenticity and trust.

Matt Bravo helps content creators utilize their content in a way that generates income and helps their businesses thrive. He is the founder and CEO of Feature Live, a social platform built for content creators. The platform gives entertainers a new way to fashion their talent and connect directly with their fans. They combine social networking with virtual meet and greet booking and a content marketplace to upturn the entertainment space business model and to put fans and entertainers in control.

Let’s dive in and look at the role of social media in the content creator economy.

Growing Your Following

Social media allows content creators to grow their following and distribute their work. Social media platforms are looking into connecting content creators directly to brands for future collaborations through initiatives and programs such as:

Youtube Brand Connect- this program helps creators match with brands.

Twitter ArtHouse- this program helps brands collaborate with content creators to develop Twitter content to engage a brand’s target audience.

Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager- helps brands to discover top creators across Instagram and Facebook.

Knowing Your Audience

A content creator can create and publish text, audio, video, and images that are used to engage, inform, or entertain a particular audience. Social media is one of the best mediums content creators use to target their potential audience. It allows them to build a strong relationship with their customers, and they can promote their brand.

Many social media content creators own blogs where they write consistently about their favorite topics. Owning a blog helps one gain more paid sponsorships from brands and allows you to create products you can sell to your audience.

The content creators who succeed in this industry know whom they are creating content for, which in turn helps them to monetize their content correctly.

Social media is one of the most effective tools for content creators.


The Feature Live app has already helped hundreds of content creators earn from their talents. They teach the creators the importance of social media in content creation. Besides, their main goal is to help content creators engage directly with their clients while earning.

Remember, when creating content, focus on providing value. Content that has value makes your audience keep coming back to your content and creates an engaged following.

For more information about social media’s role in the content creator economy, you can connect with Matt from Feature Live on Instagram or LinkedIn.

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