Honest Review: Mint Global Marketing Is A Top Agency That Can Transform Your Marketing Strategy

Honest Review: Mint Global Marketing Is A Top Agency That Can Transform Your Marketing Strategy
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Mint Global Marketing has absolutely overhauled my entire marketing strategy and helped me go from average to excellent. They didn’t just improve my marketing; they improved my entire business and changed the way customers and potential customers perceived my brand. 

I consider my work with Mint Global Marketing as one of the best investments I have ever made for my business, and I truly feel like it levelled up my entire game from novice to professional. Here are all of the ways that Mint Global Marketing helped me succeed and create an amazing marketing plan to execute and thrive with. 

Eye Opening Web Design

The first thing that Mint Global Marketing does so well is its web design. They have the ability to make gorgeous, quickly, eye-catching websites that will immediately draw in any potential customer. Not only are their websites beautiful, but they’re also functional. 

My website barely worked on mobile, and I didn’t even realize that this was driving away from a huge portion of my customers. I’m talking about probably 50+%. As soon as my website was able to work flawlessly on any device, I noticed a huge increase in conversions. 

The Purpose of a Landing Page

Another thing that Mint Global Marketing opened my eyes to is the fact that the landing page is practically the front door to your business. If your front door looks old and beat up or unprofessional, no one is going to want to enter. 

The same can be said if your front door is oversaturated with unnecessary information and frills. Mint Global Marketing helped me create a sleek, modern landing page that tells customers I am a modern business, I am professional, and they can trust me. 

CTA Improvement

The CTA or Call to Action is something I’ve never even thought about, and it was obvious when you looked at my old web pages. With clear, firm calls to action, I’ve noticed a huge uptick in conversions from my site. Customers are finally doing what I want them to do. 

They’re ordering my products, subscribing to my newsletters, and even following me on social media. Mint Global Marketing opened my eyes to the CTA and Sales Funnel strategy and helped me implement them in a very effective way. 

Mint Global Marketing’s Number Driven Strategy

All of the beauty and frills in the world don’t matter if it doesn’t drive results. The only way to measure results is with numbers. I always knew this; I just didn’t think it was possible for someone like me to get my hands on those numbers or utilize them in an effective way. 

I thought you’d need a big team of data analysts to do something like that. Well, I was dead wrong, and Mint Global Marketing showed me effective ways I can test different landing pages, CTAs, etc., and how I can use numbers to determine which ones I want to keep. 

King of Influencer Marketing

Finally, I launched an influencer marketing campaign with the help of Mint Global Marketing, who are practically the innovators of the technique. This campaign was successful beyond my wildest dreams and brought me so many new customers that it made my head spin. 

It didn’t just bring in new customers; it built my entire brand and propelled my business’s reputation. I’m now one of the most trusted brands in my industry, and my spot has cemented all thanks to Mint Global Marketing’s campaign. 

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