Yes, Technology is Cool But Kids are Missing Out

Yes, Technology is Cool But Kids are Missing Out
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If you remember playing outside as a kid then high-five. You are one of the lucky ones. Kids today have no idea what it was like to run around with friends with no cell phones, no technology, no social media…nothing.

Parents had no idea where their kids were, but it was ok. When it was dinner time the kids all showed up. Full of dirt on their clothes, grass stains on their pants and bumps and bruises.

Kids being kids. Today kids stay inside, glued to their cell phones and computers, or watching TV and playing video games.

Don’t get me wrong. Technology is very cool. It’s awesome. But it’s causing kids to miss out on a lot of cool stuff, like building amazing memories with their friends.

Back in my day…

Back in my day technology was limited. I had an old school Nintendo and I played Super Mario Bros. with my friends. Look at those amazing graphics and gameplay…lol

mario bros

We spent most of our time outside playing. We used our imagination to create games. We didn’t have apps or virtual reality. We had to get creative, and looking back I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Why are video games so cool these days?

I’ll admit that video games are cool these days. I mean they are so lifelike. My kids play them and it blows my mind. When they look at the games I played as a kid they just laugh.

I mean there are even companies like GGServers that offer packages for these intense games because they take up so much memory and data. They are that advanced. It’s a far cry from the classics like Duck Hunt and Mario Bros.

The video game industry is huge now and the games that they are creating are little adventures that suck the player into a life-like world. Cool? Yes.

kids play too many video games

Maybe lazy parents are to blame?

So, why are kids not getting outside? I put some of the blame on lazy parents. You can’t just let your kids go outside and roam like back in my day. It just isn’t safe.

Parents have to be more present than they did in the past and let’s face it…some are just lazy. They would rather throw an iPad in front of their kid they take them to a park or encourage activities that require them to drive or give up their own time.

That is very sad.

Need to encourages kids to get outside and be kids more.

I think as parents we need to step up. Kids need to be kids. It’s not easy being a kid these days and the longer we can encourage them to enjoy being a “kid” the better off they will be.

Youth sports, local community organizations, etc. There are a lot of resources available for even the busiest parents. You can also take it into your own hands and organize activities for local kids.

Inactivity is super unhealthy.

One of the biggest reasons we need to make sure our children are getting outside is for their own health and well-being. Being inactive is very unhealthy for a child. They need to participate in some sort of physical activity every day.

Find something you can do with them. It’s a great time to bond and spend time with them and make sure that they are getting in the physical activity they should be.

I would also suggest encouraging them to play sports, if only for the team building and bonding opportunities. It’s a great way to meet friends and socialize. I learned some of the best lessons and life because of my involvement in team sports.

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