The Video Games Genius Jesus Bullon Penco Winning Championships Jesus Bullon

The Video Games Genius Jesus Bullon Penco Winning Championships Jesus Bullon
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Jesus Bullon Penco, a 23-year-old Spanish professional Video games genius, is taking rocket league video games by storm. When the game was first introduced into the market in 2015, Jesus, together with his friends, started playing for fun and later converted it into a lucrative career. 

In 2016, he participated in the competition as a less skilled beginner and emerged third. From 2017 on, he dedicated a lot of time to training and participated in challenging championship tournaments, most of which he has won and been awarded trophies. 

Why Jesus Bullon Continues Shining in Video Games Championship

Video games have evolved from leisure games to professional careers, attracting the top brains from the world. Jesus’ expertise in video games allowed him to be appointed as the Spanish Video Game Team coach in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics emerging position 3. He has also served as the coach of Team Queso, and he has also played in many European Rocket League Championship tournaments. 

Commitment and dedication to perfect video games skills have helped Jesus Bullon achieve success in video games. He has cultivated a winning attitude that has enabled him to overcome obstacles on his successful path. Even when he did not record good results in a tournament, he used that as a stepping stone to learning from his mistakes to improve his subsequent performance. He has centered his career on continuous improvement from his prior performance in tournaments.

Advanced sharpening of video games skills has helped perfect Jesus Bullon’s playing and coaching skills. In 2015, he was less skilled, which led him to emerge in position 3, but through rigorous training, he has mastered skills enabling him to win many tournaments. He has managed to be in a team consisting of all Spanish members to qualify for the world cup. 

3 Jesus Bullon Penco Achievements That You Need To know 

Jesus has made a great accomplishment in video games that have made him an icon and a contact person you should consider consulting for mentorship to better your performance in this sporting arena.

  1. Becoming the First Spanish coach for the video game in the 2020 Olympics. Jesus managed to coach the Spanish video game team offering his professional mentorship and coaching that enabled his team to scoop position 3.
  2. Played in prestigious European Rocket League clubs. Jesus’ impeccable video game skills have helped him be admitted to play for many renowned clubs like Wizard Club, Team Queso,  Besiqtas, and Vodafone Giants, where he has performed exceptionally. 
  3. Emerged the best player in Murcia Region. He played against other players from different Spanish cities held in Ucam Universidad and topped the game, pushing him to the national finals.

Wrap up

Jesus Bullon Penco has maintained his space in video games as a professional icon. He has won many trophies and coached many teams, helping them achieve remarkable results. For more information on how you can better your video game skills  to enable you to win championship leagues, connect with Jesus Bullon Penco on Facebook or Twitter 

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