Educate Yourself: Other Options Exist Beyond Medication

Educate Yourself: Other Options Exist Beyond Medication
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These days when someone says they feel depressed or anxious they are fed pills and put on medication. Something not going your way? There is a pill (pills) for that.

But there are other options available that you can try before going down that road. For some medication is needed and it honestly helps them.

Other people, though, are just given it without even exploring other options and that doesn’t always result in the best outcome. I am a firm believer in self educating yourself, so I want to share my thoughts on the subject. I hope this can help some people out there. Just know that you are not alone.

Self-Help Group

There are many local groups that meet on a regular basis and all members are anonymous. Sometimes speaking with other people in the same situation as yourself is helpful.

Not everyone has friends and family that they can turn to and the last thing you want to do is attack this on your own. These types of groups will tend to have Facebook pages and they will also be easy to find on Google if you search terms related to where you live.

Larger cities are naturally going to have more options, but even small towns will have options available. If you get stuck you can reach out to local doctors and see if they have any that they suggest.

Natural Treatment

One of the most common conditions, which is anxiety, has a natural solution but many people aren’t aware or they are fed lies about it.

It’s CBD, and before you go, “wait that it a drug” you need to understand that it’s derived from the hemp. There are options available that contain no THC, therefore there are no “highs” or anything like that.

It comes from a plant and it’s been proven to greatly reduce anxiety in those that use it on a regular basis. It can be found in many different forms. There are even coffee, candy and drop forms.

I’m a big supporter of its use and I think as it becomes more accepted we are going to see even more uses for it discovered. I would suggest its use before any addictive medication.

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Open Communication with Family & Friends

The biggest step you can take is talking to your friends and family.

Let them know that something is bothering you and talk it out. Often. If they are understanding they will welcome your call, text or email anytime. Open communication is very important and we sometimes are worried about what others will think or say, but you will soon realize that your friends and family want the best for you.

It’s healthy to speak to them often, so make it a point to pick up the phone.

Know Your Rights

You don’t have to opt for medication. Knowing that there are other options is very important. Don’t let a doctor force anything on you. There is a lot of money in the pharma industry. Kickbacks maybe? Hmm…

If you feel like you were incorrectly diagnosed in the past in an effort just to push medication on you then you might want to look into speaking with a medical malpractice lawyer. There could be a case depending on your situation.

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