Make The Most Out Of Web 3; Utility Backed NFTs & The Crypto Drive

Make The Most Out Of Web 3; Utility Backed NFTs & The Crypto Drive
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Do you love NFT games? Are you a collector of NFTs or a tech-lover and enjoy being part of the gaming community? Or are you a speculator who loves the thrill of negotiating NFT prices or other digital assets? 

If you fit any of the categories mentioned, today is your lucky day. Read on to learn how the latest company in the web three and crypto space is making the most out of web three through their cross-chain interoperability platform and marketplace. 

About Stadio Global 

Stadio global is a technology company in the web three and crypto space. Tech-gurus Martin Lazarevic and Ash Hoey established the company. The goal of launching Stadio global was to give creators and fans a decentralized ecosystem where they can engage more and benefit from this engagement. 

Stadio has two significant offerings. The first is a cross-chain benefits-backed utility tech stack. The tech stack appeals to creators, businesses, and brands who need a platform to manage campaigns, projects, or utilize cases using benefits/utility-backed NFTs. 

The Stadio platform will be a SaaS that “comes out of the box” for agencies, service providers, and businesses/brands/creators to manage end-to-end benefits-backed NFTs on multiple blockchain protocols. 

Stadio has piloted this as a proof of concept in the sports industry and has gained significant traction with up-and-coming athletes looking to build differentiated fan engagement. The tech stack is fit for B2B purposes, and the company’s owners are having fruitful discussions with brands needing the technology to administer benefits and utility with their NFTs across chains. 

Stadio’sStadio’s second offering is a gamefi project called NFT Leaguez. This leaguez will have a circa 10,000 NFTs with traits to play in a 3v3 basketball game. In addition to this, there will be tribute athletes that will also be available to play in a game that will be dynamic and based on real-life performance. 

Making the most out of Web 3.0

Stadio is a company that’s out to make the most out of web three by allowing its users to access dynamic utility-backed NFTs. The company has built a tech stack to administer, manage, and fulfill utility-backed NFTs starting with sports but expanding to other verticals such as B2B, entertainment, and music. 

Stadio’s tech stack can be used as a web three complement to creators existing marketing/fan engagement processes. Businesses and brands creating fan engagement can also use Stadio’s tech stack to better administer, manage, and fulfill benefits backed by NFTs and utility provided in the NFT on-chain. 

To Conclude 

Stadio global is the one company that sat down, took everything to like about the latest tech innovations, and made an ecosystem that gives users access to these benefits. 

The company also considered the changing consumer interests and created an ecosystem where brands, businesses, and creators can monetize their digital assets. The ecosystem’s direct engagement between brands and fans is like none other in the fantasy sports world. 

You can check out the Stadio website for more. 

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