Queer Entreprenuer Reid Lawrence is Illuminating Performers like Never Before

Queer Entreprenuer Reid Lawrence is Illuminating Performers like Never Before
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Born in South Carolina, Reid Lawrence is the owner and founder of Sickening Events. Sickening Events is a white label event management and LGBT owned ticketing platform that rivals Eventbrite, Ticketleap, ETIX, and other major companies. It helps make services accessible to local and queer artists.

As a member of the LGBT community, Reid offers their services to the queer community at an affordable price. They help make services overpriced by major corporations more accessible to local and queer artists. These services allow artists and performers to promote and market their work online.

Reid’s passion for the drag community and entrepreneurship motivated them to start their business. They believe in helping queer artists and performers by offering affordable services. This offer helps protect artists from exploitation by big  corporations and makes sure they do not pay more than they have to.

Videography and Web Development

While Reid was in university, they began filming drag performers at a local gay bar. Their degree in Theatrical Production and lighting enabled them to take well-lit videos. This step made them very popular among the performers. They later monetized this and began a videography business filming drag performers at an affordable fee.

Reid observed that most drag performers and artists do not have websites because they are expensive to make, take too long to make, and do not have the skills to make one themselves. Wanting to help the drag performers, Reid created a brand explicitly designed to cater to their website and wallet needs. 

Reid uses his skills in web development to create official websites for drag performers and queer artists. This step allowed them to promote and market themselves online. The websites are feature-benefit and easy to access. People can find information regarding the artist and discover their following shows and events.

Drag performers and queer artists do not have much money unless globally recognized. This fact means that they are not able to access some essential services. Reid helps them showcase their talents to the world by providing videography and web development services at an affordable price.

Sickening Events Management and LGBT owned Ticketing Platform

Sickening Events is a local queer-owned events management and ticketing platform. Its ticketing was launched in 2021, mid pandemic. It competes with major ticketing platforms like Eventbrite by providing high-quality services at an affordable price. This helps make services accessible to local and queer artists.

Sickening Events has 30-50% more features than Eventbrite. It  also starts at 20% cheaper than other  central event management and ticketing platforms. These benefits enable artists and event holders to save more money as they do not have to pay extra charges, marketing fees, and monthly subscriptions. 

Sickening Events is qualified and experienced in providing support during the planning stage and on the day of the event. They offer consultation services, hire devices and offer on-call customer care services. Sickening Events is dedicated to making sure events run smoothly.

Sickening Events provides customizable and data-driven services. Each event is handled uniquely according to the preferences of the artist or event holder. This ensures that artists stay true to their brand and are proud of the event turnout. Sickening Events also offers customizable prices which cater to the client’s needs and wallet.

Sickening Events and Ticketing Platform protect client data and information. Unlike other significant platforms that legally own their clients’ data and resell it for profit, Sickening Events respects the privacy of its clients. The client owns the data regarding the event and their customer list and thus cannot be sold.

Sickening Events offers other services such as; running virtual events, interactive seat selection, upgrades, transfer tickets, multiday and season passes, and series and timed entry. These features help make the event run smoothly without staff involvement.

Sickening Events stands out by its accessibility to local artists and its many features. Reid aims to help queer artists and performers shine their light on the world and showcase their talent.

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