Bridging the Gap Between Musicians of Every Level in Style

Bridging the Gap Between Musicians of Every Level in Style
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Music is one of the best tools for transferring information in our society. There are numerous lessons and other critical circumstances that music teaches members of society. This fact is one of the reasons why it is essential to support musicians for society’s well-being. 

Alain Merville is one of the people at the front line in the music industry who thrives on ensuring that the music industry is growing uniformly by supporting upcoming musicians. However, there are very few individuals in the limelight who are focusing on uplifting musicians. 

This move has made Merville a sample of hope in the music industry. Even though Merville is an essential individual in society, several people do not know his contribution to the music industry’s development. 

More Information About Alain Merville 

Alain Merville is the architect and the managing director of What is It is an online platform that allows music students across the globe to get in touch with famous musicians and learn life lessons of all kinds of talents and experiences. 

Merville is also a music pioneer (professor) at the Berklee College of Music located in Boston. Following his music industry experience, he offers a vast range of experience and expertise to young talents. 

YousicPlay showcases numerous genres of music of different artists originating from other nations. This action has dramatically helped to link musicians from different levels and localities around the world. How does Merville manage to connect musicians from different levels? Continue perusing the article for more information.

Building Bridges between Musicians from Different Levels

Typically, linking people who have attained a specific position in life is always tedious. How does Merville manage to do this? Through, Merville offers pre-recorded instructional courses facilitated by prominent musicians from different parts of the world.

The lessons are easy to access. Why? Because students can enroll in a course from anywhere in the world, at any time, and on any device. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Merville partnered with a CTO who’s helping to build the innovative technology on YousicPlay’s platform.

Merville signed Ne-Yo, one of the world’s most excellent musicians, to work as an instructor on their online platform. The step helped in educating young musicians in society and uplifting them to the desired standards. Apart from Ne-Yo, Merville partnered with other influential musicians in the industry, such as Chrisette Michele, Cory Henry, and Arturo Sandoval. 

Usually, leveling the gap between the successful and growing musicians might sound easy. However, this is not the case; it called for persistence, focus, and dedication for Merville to achieve his desired goals. He applied different ways, as discussed below.

Writing Course Books

Alain Merville spends most of his time researching to develop a straightforward way of educating the young talents and covering the gap. During his research endeavors, Merville made up his mind and began writing course books for the courses. 

This mode of educating young talents has worked exceptionally for Merville since the course books feature prominent music artists from different parts of the world. He combined this mode of education with online lessons, thus achieving his goal of leveling up the gap between musicians from different levels in an outstanding manner.

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