Five Incredible Lessons I Learned From Winston Deloney, Expert Real Estate Investor

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Continual knowledge and education are critical for success in any business and may make the difference between the top performers and the rest of the pack. Real estate investment is a good example of this since it can be very lucrative.

This fast-paced business is fraught with danger, but it also offers enormous profit potential. When you’re a major player, you need to remain on top of the newest trends, but you also need to maintain tabs on the industry’s biggest movers and shakers.

Consequently, seasoned commercial and residential real estate investor Winston Deloney is someone that one in real estate has to learn from. As an ardent follower of his teachings, I will be sharing 5 lessons I have learned from Winston Deloney.


  1. If you don’t want to manage a rental property yourself, you may hire a manager to handle it for you. If you employ a manager, you have to supervise that manager.

    Owning rental properties is at the very least a part-time profession that requires time and effort. Whether you have a property manager or not you have to be ready to put in the effort to succeed in this situation.
  1. When deciding on which location you should invest in real estate, the expansion of the people is ahead of the whims of the marketplace. Instead of focusing on market swings, investors and developers should look for and monitor towns with strong growth potential and planned business relocations, I discovered.

    Cities that see a steady increase in business relocation and population are always going to be financially successful.
  1. Create a diverse portfolio and be patient, particularly at the beginning. In Winston Deloney’s case, his first investment was a rental property, which he used as a learning experience and eventually turned into.

    He had to learn how to deal with tenants and landlord operations in addition to how to take care of the property and advertise it.
  2. It’s more costly to finish home renovations now that lumber costs throughout the nation have risen, so proceed with caution when flipping and make sure you have the money to complete the process. Buying, renovating, and reselling a house quickly is known as house flipping in the real estate industry.

    When flipping a house, the time it takes to sell the property should be no more than six months on average. House flipping, as opposed to buying and holding, necessitates a rapid turnaround; as a result, if you have no prior experience according to Winston Deloney, you should seek instruction from an experienced house flipper.
  1. Exchange of ideas: No man is an island, and as such, it is essential to exchange thoughts with those who have experience. I’m going to try to make it to several local networking events. Getting in touch with other real estate professionals to better grasp current market trends would be very beneficial.

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