How to Understand the Real Desires of Your Heart with The Revive Method

How to Understand the Real Desires of Your Heart with The Revive Method
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Elana van Deventer, a passionate alignment coach, speaker, entrepreneur, and the founder of The Revive Method, believes that we must all fully understand the natural desires in our hearts before we see our life in full bloom. Her company came into existence after God revealed her calling to her. 

For several years, she suffered from constant emotional cardiac failure, until the point when she could not even shock her heart back into rhythm. Nothing ever made her feel alive. She felt like she was already on death row, awaiting and living in her gradual demise. However, when God revived her heart, in a single moment, she had everything she needed to become the truest version of herself.

She was no longer the shy girl, the small-town girl, the stay-at-home mom, or any other label she was given for the longest time. After God opened her up with his precise and powerful love and healed what had been broken for so long, she came back stronger (and softer). At present, she is on a mission to educate women around the world to find freedom for themselves by aligning their hearts, minds, bodies, and actions with the truth. 

The Revive Method

Because so much of your life happens first inside your head, there is serious, consequential neurological activity happening when you decide to believe something: good or bad. We’ve all suffered with wrong beliefs that threaten to keep us in bondage, but permanent change can happen when an action is attached to a new thought. It’s like growing a new, better belief from just a tiny seed. If you want to see a difference, it is not enough to agree; you must stand in agreement and use your body’s ability to vocalize it. That’s where the connection happens.

At The Revive Method, they help women become fueled by their passions, not like a ruthless alarm but an internal spark of light. The people behind the company know that women want to be fully aligned. However, in order to do that, each woman needs to have an unshakeable revelation of her true identity.  Cultivating her deepest beliefs is critical because that is ultimately what she roots herself in. No one has to answer to who she really is; it can only come from Heaven. Truth be told, it’s a challenge to discover and connect with your true self given that it has been hidden underneath the layers of roles you wear. But it’s there. 

With that, The Revive Method is here to provide you with guidance throughout your journey to find who you are underneath it all. They believe you should not have to settle for a desperate search for your purpose when you have been given a personal mission, one that doesn’t involve burnout or a lifeless routine.

They truly understand what it feels like to live disconnected, which is why they have guided hundreds of women, from virtual workshops to living room spaces to finally grow into the woman they dream of being. They are alignment coaches who know that true personal growth happens at the intersection of Scripture, psychology, and brave action.

It is time to step into your purpose with confidence and clarity! If you want to know more about The Revive Method and the Own Your Big Dream Live Mini-Course, you can click here, and to join the waitlist for The Revive Method, you can visit Elana’s personal website.

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