Dr. Sas Is Inspiring Women to Rise from Ashes and Awaken the Goddess Within

Dr. Sas Is Inspiring Women to Rise from Ashes and Awaken the Goddess Within
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Dr. Sas, a health and life coach with vast experience in her field of specialty, is transforming the lives of many women globally by inspiring them to explore the boundless potential God gave them at creation. She targets to help women overcome odds by achieving healthy, happy lives. 

According to statistics, mental-related illnesses in the US have been on the rise. 19.86% of adults are experiencing mental health problems. Equivalent to about 50 million Americans, 4.91% are experiencing a severe mental illness. Other studies have shown that many people are unhappy and depressed, and others have issues with self-esteem, self-love, and self-confidence. 

This situation is an indication that most people are not living healthy and happy lives. 

Your #1 Help

Dr. Sas has been at the forefront of inspiring and enlightening women, professionals, entrepreneurs, and high performers, especially those who have decided to heal their life to the next level of true health, peace, love, happiness, and success. She is motivated to do that because she has been through the storm of life and has managed to rise from the ashes herself. 

Dr. Sas has been through divorce and bankruptcy and lived as a single mother. She has also been through self-doubt, self-sabotage, and everything that women do to themselves. Dr. Sas said that “those who healed become instruments of healing.”   For her, it is a God-given life purpose.  Through her experience, Dr. Sas is moved to help empower women and guide them to become aware of the great potential that already exists within them.

4 Steps To Rising From Nobody To Somebody

  1. Practice self-love and self-care

You need to cherish and love yourself the way you are, change what is changeable for the better, and learn to live with what can not be changed. Dr Sas emphasizes that that is the most excellent tool in overcoming psychological stress, which reduces your productivity at work. Besides boosting your career, self-love will help improve your health and relationships. 

  1. Forgive

If you want to rise from the ashes, forgiveness is key. Let’s say you have been through some deep dark circumstances. It could be a bitter divorce, loss of job, loss of loved ones, someone betrayed you,  or anything that puts you in a position of hurt or fear.   It could be you yourself that put you in that particular predicament.   Whatever that may be, it is important to forgive and let go.

Forgive yourself is as important as forgiving others.  And last, but not least, everything happens FOR you not TO you.   All things happen for a reason.   Look for the silver lining, and the goods that come out of your circumstances. We all must rise and use those hard times to strengthen us instead of victimizing us.

  1. Get rid of the self-doubt

Fear and doubt are the biggest ‘dragons’ to self-progress. You need first to identify what is causing the self-doubt within you. If you cannot find what that is, you can get yourself a coach or a mentor to guide you. Dr Sas has many people that she looks up to. She has read many books and has been through many programs. She also has a mentor and a coach that helped guide her through the process of slaying the dragons within her.

According to Dr. Sas, having some guidance, training, and coaching can help eliminate self-doubt. 

  1. Find out who you are and what are your values

Do you know what your values are? You need to find your values and what is important for you. Is it trust, God or family? Or is it compassion, self-responsibility or self-mastery? Some people find wisdom seeking to be their thing, while others prefer having joy. Therefore knowing who you are and your values can go a long way in helping you rise from your ashes. 

Additionally, discovering yourself will make you become your expert. You will be in charge of your thoughts and personality. Self-awareness and independence will give you a strong sense of self-confidence. 

Wrap Up

Are you struggling with having joy in your life, being too harsh on yourself, having self-sabotaging issues, and feeling like you are not good enough? Then the above tips can help you rise from your ashes. You can connect with Dr. Sas on LinkedIn, Facebook. and Instagram for more information.

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