Deborah Levine Herman and The Seven Lessons of Soul Odyssey

Deborah Levine Herman and The Seven Lessons of Soul Odyssey
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An upcoming book by spiritual author and literary agent Deborah Levine Herman titled Spiritual Writing: From Inspiration to Publication 2nd Edition is just around the corner. On December 5, 2022, the second edition of her book Spiritual Writing: From Inspiration to Publication, published by Soul Odyssey Books, will go on sale. The book is a revision of her original work, published last August 8, 2001. The 2nd edition now includes a perspective on the digital age. This book is ideal for you if you’re a spiritual writer looking for a book to help you with your writing process.

Deborah Herman believed that a writer’s journey and spiritual path are intertwined. As we go along our spiritual path, we get to learn various kinds of lessons that are essential for our growth as a person. Experiences shape our outlook in life and the message we wish to impart to other people.  

In this book, Deborah Herman mentioned The Seven Lessons that generally relate to one’s spiritual path; she also examined how each influence one’s journey as a spiritual writer.

The Seven Lessons of Soul Odyssey

The Seven Lessons of Soul Odyssey are as follows: Courage, Tolerance, Self-Protection, Self-love, Ego, Love of Humanity, and God-love. 

Courage is the bravery to move beyond others’ beliefs and stand by your inner truth. Tolerance is about allowing others to follow their respective Soul path while still being an example. Self-Protection is being aware of who to trust and not to trust. It pertains to the General discernment we have toward our safety. On the other hand, Self-Love is about knowing that you are worthy of love and that it is acceptable to let other people into your life. Ego is about staying humble and knowing that you are only the messenger, not the message. Humble yourself and honor God instead of yourself. Love of Humanity pertains to recognizing that all of us came from the Source. Despite our differences in color, gender, and race, it is aware that we all are equal and put into this world equally. Lastly, the 7th lesson, God-Love, is about surrendering yourself to have a direct and deep relationship with your God. It is the most personal among the Seven Lessons since it provides knowledge of the Spirit that is way beyond one’s belief. Deborah explained each of these lessons thoroughly in the book.

The Seven Lessons of the Soul’s Odyssey can serve as a checklist to examine ourselves objectively. Through this, we can take a closer look at our vulnerabilities and things we need to improve. As a spiritual writer, know that you’re also human that can commit mistakes from time to time. No one is perfect, so you can use the Seven Lessons to guide your spiritual path.

You can check out Spiritual Writing: From Inspiration to Publication 2nd Edition on Amazon.

For more information about Deborah Levine Herman, you can visit their website. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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