Ask The Pros: GreenSprout Shares Their Top Five Digital Savings Tools

Ask The Pros: GreenSprout Shares Their Top Five Digital Savings Tools
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Saving is a necessity for securing your future. Digital Savings Tools make saving much easier and more fun. GreenSprout is dedicated to helping you and your family ensure a better future by making smarter financial choices. GreenSprout, as outlined below, has five of its top digital savings tools in this interview.

What Are The Recommended Top Five Digital Savings Tools?

There are a lot of efficient digital savings tools, but we will mention only five for this question. One of our top five recommended savings tools is Personal Capital. Personal Capital has a mobile app that allows you to track any things related to your finances.

These include income, spending, credit cards, bank accounts, retirement funds, cryptocurrency, taxable investment accounts, and home value. It allows you to ascertain your investing costs, asset allocation, and progress toward your retirement savings. Personal Capital also allows you to track your interest and dividends on your investments and plan your savings to meet specific goals.

Another one of our top digital savings tools is Portfolio Visualizer. This tool is majorly for evaluating your investments, and it helps to provide data on your risk and performance, amongst others. The tool allows you to run factor analysis and timing models and optimize your portfolio.

Google Sheets is also one of our highly recommended savings tools. Google Sheets allows you to monitor your spending quickly and plan it with free budget templates. This tool also allows you to import data on mutual funds, stocks, and ETFs and monitor their prices. Google Sheets also allows you to monitor your asset allocation so that you know when it is time to rebalance your account, ultimately saving you lots of funds.

Yet another one of our top digital savings tools is Mint. Mint is similar to the Personal Capital app because it also allows you to track everything related to your finances. This tool will enable you to budget, create saving goals, and monitor your investments, bills, subscriptions, and credit. The app also presents useful ads for credit card offers, bank accounts, and other finance-related products.

Lastly, we recommend Trim. Trim monitors your spending to help you find ways to save money. If you approve, the tool will negotiate to lower all your monthly expenses costs. The app is free to register on and use; you only have to pay 15% of the amount that Trim helps you to save for the first year.

Are These Digital Savings Tools Free To Use?
All the tools we mentioned earlier are free. However, you may need to pay an affordable fee to unlock some additional features. These apps are definitely worth the try, especially when navigating through unstable market conditions.

How Do You Identify The Best Digital Savings Tools For Your Financial Needs?
All apps have a free version and an outline of the additional features on their paid version. You can compare if their offers match your financial needs to know if it is best for you.

How Do These Digital Savings Tools Influence Your Finances?
These tools help you to plan, budget, save and invest. They also help you to cut costs as much as possible; while providing tips on how best to improve your finances.

Why Is It Important To Save?
The primary reason for saving is to act as a safety net for emergencies or to meet specific goals. Ultimately, it helps secure a better future for yourself and your family.

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