Entrepreneur & Poet Michael Andrew Lauchlan Reveals His 5 Favorite Poetry Books Of All-Time

Entrepreneur & Poet Michael Andrew Lauchlan Reveals His 5 Favorite Poetry Books Of All-Time
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As humans, there are different ways we try to connect with the things that motivate us. For some people, it is through reading a book or having a great time with friends.

Some other people adopt it all and key into the flow of the moment. For someone like Michael Andrew Lauchlan, one way he does it is through poetry.

Michael Andrew Lauchlan is an entrepreneur and poet who finds reading poetry books a pleasing habit. By their nature, poetry is soul-lifting and are loved by many. As it is expected, however, some poetry books stand out more than others. In this post, he reveals some of his favourite poetry books of all time.

The Waste Land And Other Poems by T.S. EliotThis is one poetry book you don’t want to shove aside. Aside from being acclaimed as T.S. Eliot’s best poetry, it’s also a poetry book that takes you back and forth between two worlds of the past and present.

The collection of the poems in this book has been carefully selected for you to taste the past and apply the lessons to the present.

100 Selected Poems by E.E. CummingsThis poetry book is set out to engage you in all ramifications. If you are a lover of poetry or just a distant fan, this is the poetry book for you. You should expect nothing less than excellence for a collection of poems written by a person with over 3000 poems to his name.

Michael Andrew likes this poetry book due to the excellence of the work of art on the pages. There’s hardly an entrepreneur who would see excellent work and not fall for it. The 100 selected poems by Cummings are engaging and eye-revealing.

The Essential Neruda by Pablo NerudaTalk about a poetry book with a collection of poems that’s forever new, then Pablo Neruda’s work stands out. The excellence at which the poems were couched, though since 2004, tells a case of new wine in an old bottle. 

One reason Michael Andrew Lauchlan likes this poetry book is because it is filled with poems of reflection. The poems therein have been said to be ones for reflection because they bring loss and sadness to the fore. 

The Collected Poems by Sylvia PlathThe Collected Poems by Sylvia Plath is a poetry book that has made its way into Lauchlan’s five favourites. The reason is because of its classical and modern interwovenness.

The poetry book is one whose poems take you way back into the classical era, but you get to understand its meaning in the modern context. How Sylvia was able to do this is still a mystery. But, if you want a collection of poems that opens your mind into two worlds, then you should go for it. 

The Complete Poetry by Maya AngelouMany people know Maya as a Novelist and not as a Poet, which makes it interesting. You can feel the surprise she pulls on everyone with her well-crafted poetry book.

With a different collection of excellent poems, this book says a lot about how one is capable of diversifying and making headways.

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