Cat Howell, Helping Founders & Visionaries Redefine The Rules Of Their Reality

Cat Howell, Helping Founders & Visionaries Redefine The Rules Of Their Reality
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Founders and visionaries are life’s greatest heroes. They come up with ideas that create employment and, in doing so, support families and individuals out of poverty. We celebrate their accomplishments and admire the challenges that they’ve had to overcome. Yet, one thing we seem to do is forget that visionaries and founders are people. They are vulnerable to mental breakdowns and can at times feel like they’re stuck in a rut.

A recent survey involving more than 300 entrepreneurs showed that 63% were dealing with burnout. 59% of the entrepreneurs in the survey admitted to dealing with anxiety, whereas 21% were constantly stressed over finances.

To Cat Howell, the mental challenges and personal struggles that founders and visionaries face having to do with how they frame their reality. Some founders pursued that path for riches. But, money should not be the root of your creative court.

About Cat Howell

Cat Howell is a master of alchemy and magic. She leads a coven where she helps leaders and visionaries break through the realities they’ve built to a new reality that’s freeing and authentic to their true self.

Cat is familiar with the business world. She founded and grew a multiple eight-figure company back in 2000. She had all the material success in the world, everything she aspired to. But, she was depressed and felt unfulfilled. In 2022, Cat had a mental breakdown, leading her to quit her position as CEO. She walked away from everything she had built and recalibrated her life.

Since then, Cat has been actively practicing magic, including alchemy.

Helping Founders & Visionaries Redefine The Rules Of Their Reality

Cat uses her expertise in magic and alchemy to help founders and visionaries redefine their rules of magic. Now I know that for some people, when they hear the word magic, think of voodoo dolls, tarot reading, and all that house of horrors stuff. But that perception of magic is flawed.

Cat explains that magic is like the law of attraction manifestation. She further states that 30 years ago, people laughed at meditation. But presently, meditation, affirmations, and vision boards are popular. Meditation is scientifically-proven to help people with their wellness. Meditation, affirmations, and vision boards are aspects that were borrowed from the techniques of magic.

Whereas affirmations and magic work for some people, some find them annoying. What’s more, Cat points out that meditation is like the PG 13 version of what you are capable of.

Redefining Reality

Cat uses her skills to help founders and visionaries get to the root of their core. She holds workshops where she provides them with the tools to help them connect the dots. The visionaries and founders also get to be part of a coven.

Cat points out that the coven is powerful because human beings are social creatures. As such, the coven is a community where visionaries and founders interact with other founders and visionaries who lead the way in their realities, apply the techniques, and get results.

Redefine Your Reality Now With Cat:-

Cat offers something unconventional to founders and visionaries. She has helped hundreds of visionaries redefine their rules of reality. If you’re ready to change your life and achieve freedom, Cat can help set you on that path.

You can check out her website here; to get started.

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