Get Your Time Back As A Mompreneur With Rosa Rodriguez

Get Your Time Back As A Mompreneur With Rosa Rodriguez
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Can a woman be a mother and have a career? This question lingers in the mind of every woman who wants to have a family. Mothers interested in career development or entrepreneurship also ponder whether they can pull off raising kids and having a successful profession. For most women, it seems like a far-fetched reality. Hitting high sales at a job you love, earning a great income, and having time for mom stuff. Surely you can’t have your cake and eat it, right?

To Rosa Rodriguez, having a successful career and doing mom stuff is possible. The secret lies in getting your time back, and that’s what Rosa does. This entrepreneur helps mompreneurs get their time back.

24-hours is not enough

Rosa Rodriguez is a business coach and consultant who helps mompreneurs. A mother herself, Rosa is all too familiar with their feeling like 24-hours is not enough. However, she managed to take control of her time and build a successful business.

Rosa says that moms who feel they have no time have not put up boundaries on their time. They are giving too much and failing to spare time for self-development. She says it’s important to learn to care for yourself first, to fill your cup first, and then to fill other people’s cups.

Coaching mompreneurs

Rosa has been a business coach and consultant for six years. She helps mompreneurs who have a coaching business create a high-tier coaching enterprise. Rosa helps mothers because she saw a need for mompreneurs to have a business and still have time for their kids. She grew up with a dad who was always drowning in work. When Rosa lost her dad in 2014, she wondered how she could help other parents have a business without drowning in it.

Rosa has a coaching program that runs for six months. The program is comprehensive and helps mompreneurs do the following:

  • Target top-tier clients.
  • Develop content that converts top-tier clients.
  • Automate business processes, so moms have more time for their families.
  • Change your mindset so that you can earn as you deserve.

The coaching consists of a training manual and other forms of support. For instance, in the first 30-days, Rosa hires and pays a professional video content assistant to help the mompreneur with content. The training manual contains the entire organization, such as how the content will come out. With this coaching, women learn how to create a high-ticket program without having to be all in, doing it, and creating social media.

Inevitably, mompreneurs who complete the program get their time back.

Get your time back

Rosa’s offer is unique because she is a mom with extensive experience in business coaching. She has a lot of unique strategies that have helped her create time for her family and build a successful business. Through her coaching, Rosa shares her secret sauce with other mompreneurs. She has amassed hundreds of testimonials from moms who’ve landed top-tier clients and are now earning six figures. If you’re a mompreneur looking for a mentor to help you turn your business into a massive success, Rosa is your go-to coach.

You can learn more about this supermom from her website.

You can also connect with her in her social media channels.

  • Instagram @iamrosarodriguez
  • Tiktok @iam.rosarodriguez
  • Twitter @iamcoachrosa
  • Youtube and Facebook – Rosa Rodriguez

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