Do You Have Deep Questions About Life? Here Is The #1 Antidote

Do You Have Deep Questions About Life? Here Is The #1 Antidote
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There are many questions about life. For instance, can you remember the last time or period you tried something new? What could you change about yourself if you could? Or is there something that you feel most afraid of? Everyone has their own deep questions about life. Nonetheless, the answers to most of life’s questions remain unanswered to most people. The answers lie in consciousness awakening. 

The issue of consciousness has for many years been ignored. Nevertheless, it is beginning to dawn that consciousness could be the new well for most life problems. Recent studies have also revealed that consciousness is beginning to see a boom of scientific interest. Livia Devi has been one of the champions spearheading the awakening process through the knowledge of consciousness. 

Why Choose Livia Over The Rest

Livia Devi is a mentor, 5D visionary, and Trance-Channel whose mission with the Arcturian Council has activated 5D Leaders, visionaries, and conscious entrepreneurs in their soul missions. That way, he has been able to bring a transformation to most people.

Livia delivers exceptional information, energy frequency, and a deeper sense of wisdom than you will ever encounter in a place of divine service and divine love.

“What you are doing in terms of frequency and energy that you are sharing with the world is unbelievable.” Says one of her clients. 

Livia is helping people gain more insight, introspection, and wisdom and the quantum tools that will deliver you from your old identities and serve you in your realities in ways that you didn’t know were available to you. 

Livia’s leadership, humbleness, and all the content that she shares make the whole conscious journey mind-blowing. Her expertise in the field will make you never stop calibrating to the multi-dimensional layers of frequency in all her offerings. 

Why Multidimensionality Matters In Answering Your Life Questions

Livia takes people from the third dimension to the fourth and fifth dimensions. According to her, the third dimension is connected to people’s physical bodies and their linear existence. People in the third dimension are in a race against time, and there is a disconnection between their bodies, mind, and heart, It is more of a life that is perpetuating in the same cycle. 

People in the fourth dimension are accessing a different stream of consciousness, where the perception about reality is changing, and they realize that it is more than just having a linear existence. Here, you begin to understand that you are a physical body and have different versions of yourself. You begin to tap into your past, present, and future realities. You start to go a little bit deeper in your multidimensionality of who you are. 

In the fifth dimension, you take all the learnings and teachings, fully integrate them into your physical body, and there is no turning back to the third dimension. Here you have to let go of many things in your life. For example, when your ego is deconstructed to a level that there is no identity anymore, you become an empty vessel of source and life energy. You may be forced to live with a group of friends and family members, and they will not be in alignment with you anymore. At this point, you start to be the creator of your reality which will transform your life. Once you become a co-creator of your reality, you can answer the deep questions about your life. 

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