How To Earn More Through An Online Course Business With HighStrike Startup Founder Ben Zogby

How To Earn More Through An Online Course Business With HighStrike Startup Founder Ben Zogby
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The convenience of taking online courses made it so famous around the world. In the past couple of years, the world witnessed an increasing number of people enrolling in online classes. Online learning played a vital role in transforming how people learn a new skill set or expand their knowledge. Undeniably, the online course is the next big thing in the education industry.

Self-made millionaire Ben Zogby said that online course business is the easiest and the most profitable business. “We are living in a time wherein everyone covets to start their own business,” Zogby noted.  He added that online course business is the best opportunity for those aspiring to be entrepreneurs. 

Zogby is an entrepreneur who built his multi-million-dollar ventures from scratch. He is the founder of HighStrike Startup, an online business that helps people monetize their skills using the internet. In just 24 months, Zogby established an online business worth over $5 million from the ground up.

Highest Return On Investment

Online learning is already gaining popularity in the last couple of years. It made people realize that they can still learn new things without gathering themselves in one place to learn. Then, COVID-19 swept the world and further amplified the importance of online learning. In an instant, online became the safest mode of learning.

Zogby said that the upward trend would continue in the upcoming years, even after the pandemic. “Right now is the ideal time to set up your online course business. In my opinion, it is a business that offers the highest return on investment,” Zogby explained. Entrepreneurs like Zogby see the potential of the online course industry. Experts predicted that selling online courses will hit the $30 billion mark in the next ten years.

For any aspiring entrepreneurs, starting an online course business could turn out as the best decision that they will make. “The best quality of digital products like the online course is it is infinitely scalable. Even if you only have one digital product, you can earn a huge profit in the long-term. You can sell an online course as many times as you want,” Zogby said.

Join HighStrike Startup

“At present, if you have the skill to share, it is essential to monetize that with the reach of social media and the internet,” Zogby said. He urged individuals to take advantage of the internet’s reach and the billions of users on social media like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. The internet and the different social media channels have transformed the world into a real global village. It allowed individuals to connect to other people across boundaries and time zones. As a result, it created the largest marketplace in the world.

Zogby invites individuals who want to enter the online business world to join HighStrike Startup and learn everything that they need to know in putting their online course business. “At HighStrike Startup, we are going through each step on how to create, launch, sell, and scale your digital product. You will know the fundamental and advanced strategies to build an online business from the ground up,” Zogby said.

HighStrike Startup offers the essential tools to make a successful online course business that can generate income for the rest of their lives. Zogby will share the three-step course-building blueprint that already turned many individuals into millionaires. The first step provides students with courses about creating, launching, and selling their online courses. It is composed of at least 34 self-paced lessons. Second, there is a group chat that allows students to share ideas. Students can get advice from successful students, and students’ questions will have an answer right away. Lastly, there is a live help wherein students can interact with Zogby weekly to improve their course and sales or get guidance.

Invest In Yourself 

“The first step to start an online course business is investing in yourself. Learn more about a skill you can teach to people. You invest money to learn how to master a particular skill. Spend more time learning about it to build your competency in imparting it to others,” Zogby said.

As they said before, the best investment is an investment in yourself. The more an individual learns, the higher the potential to earn more. “Sharpening your skill can help increase your value. The more skillful you are, the more valuable you will become. If you are not yet confident teaching a skill, go learn some more about it until you gain self-assertiveness,” Zogby remarked.

Zogby is an excellent example of self-investment. He got interested in stock trading while studying in college. Over the years, Zogby successfully masters the craft by continuously learning about until he discovered the formula to earn consistently from stock trading. He never stops learning, and now he owns a million-dollar business that teaches other people how to trade. “Investing in yourself is among the building blocks that you need to create a seven-figure business,” Zogby noted.

Final Thoughts

The online course is a booming industry that gives people a chance to start their own online business. Zogby is encouraging everyone to turn their skills into a profitable online business that generates good returns in the years to come. “HighStrike Startup is here to help them in building their online course business. Our program is designed to assist them every step of the way. Your road to a seven-figure business starts by enrolling at HighStrike Startup,” Zogby said.To learn more about starting an online course business, you can visit for more details.

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