How Jay Burns Incorporates Church Ministry To Aid Fight Human Injustices

How Jay Burns Incorporates Church Ministry To Aid Fight Human Injustices
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The 2021 human injustice index rose compared to 2020 figures that were greatly attributed to the outbreak and rampant spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. Containment measures instituted to control the spread of the disease led to a rise in racial discrimination. 

To contain the vice human rights crusade protests spread in the US under The Black Lives Matter Slogan to fight for the rights of the black people, advocate for the freedom from hunger among people from the low-income bracket, and fight for children’s and women’s justice. 

Jay Burns, CEO of Covenant Missions, specializes in the area of advocating for equity in the human justice framework e 2012.  

Covid-19 impacted negatively a large proportion of the American citizens, with over 90% of industries recording decreased profitability. In partnership with other philanthropists, Jay Burns collected millions of US dollars to offer food assistance to those who could not afford it. Through their ministry, they have given food to over 100,000 American citizens worth over 10 million Pounds.

Violation of women’s rights has been on a sharp rise. The depth of suffering of those involved in such violations can be hard to grasp. And yet, we must try to understand even when you are sitting in the comfort of home. Violations in woman’s rights can still be felt years later and still left an ugly mark on yet to be completely erased… 

Jay Burns advocates for a world that embraces equity for all without discrimination. Both men and women are given a levered playing ground through the provision of equal opportunities to all.

Children’s rights and freedom need to be protected and guaranteed. Many children have been denied the right to life through unnecessary abortions, where possible and safe to pregnant women; abortions should be avoided to ensure the unborn child enjoys the right to life. 

Only when the life of the expectant mother is at risk should abortion be adopted. Children who flee their countries and seek asylum in another country should not be looked at as refugees, but based on their age, they should be addressed as kids and enjoy their rights as children.

Injustices in the world can be overcome by combining the religious virtue of expressing love to the needy. Those well-off should sacrifice part of their income to cater to the needs of the poor in society. This redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor helps fight injustices such as hunger, poverty, gender inequality, and children’s rights. 

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