Coin Dispute Network: Top Crypto Scams To Look Out For In 2022

Coin Dispute Network: Top Crypto Scams To Look Out For In 2022
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Cryptocurrency scams are everywhere, and it is increasingly more challenging to differentiate them from legitimate operations. As a previous victim of a crypto scam, I know how you feel. I discussed the Coin Dispute Network, which helps people recover their stolen crypto. This was how it went.

What Are The Latest Crypto Scams In 2022?

Some popular crypto scams in 2022 are phishing emails, pyramid schemes, employment scams, spoofing/impersonating websites, tech support impersonation, and crypto giveaway scams.

These phishing scams mostly come in the form of an email. The scammers pretend to be from a reputable crypto exchange, and often, they issue what seems to be a security alert to scare you. They will then lead you to a fraudulent site, asking you to fill in your account and security details.

This will give them access to your account, and your funds will disappear within seconds.
Another popular crypto scam is the crypto giveaway scam. This entails a promise of a free reward by the scammers who pretend to be celebrities. Sometimes, they hack this celebrity’s account to run a scam.

They then ask you to verify your wallet address by sending crypto to their account, which they will send back to you. Sadly, you won’t get your giveaway price or your money.

How Do You Avoid Crypto Scams?

One of the ways to avoid being a victim of a crypto scam is to Type Out URLs into the search engine. You should know the link to the legit website you are looking for. This will ensure that you are led to the right site and can perform your transactions without fear.

Another way to avoid crypto scams is to stay away from suspicious links.
You should never “verify” your account for a giveaway by sending crypto to anyone.
Also, you must always research any investment or giveaway before participating.

How Can You Differentiate Fake Cryptocurrency Exchange?

One of the ways to tell a fake cryptocurrency exchange is a considerable fluctuation in trading prices. Due to the infrequency of users on counterfeit sites, their trading volume gets drastically low or dramatically high.

Another thing to watch out for is their investment and withdrawal limit. Most legit crypto exchanges have a reasonably low deposit requirement and are usually reasonably strict with their withdrawal limits. However, a fake crypto exchange will demand a hefty sum for initial and withdrawal deposits.

How Does The Coin Dispute Network Recover Your Stolen Funds?

The first step that the Coin Dispute Network used to recover my stolen crypto was to make an official report reliant on my account. Afterward, the Coin Dispute Network leveraged its connections within the blockchain to track the scammers.

Then they monitored them 24/7 till they tried to withdraw the funds from the blockchain. They were then apprehended with a stop-recover operation, and my crypto was returned to me.

How Long Does It Take The Coin Dispute Network To Recover Your Stolen Funds?

The process differs per case, and so does the length of time. The best thing you can do to make the process easier and faster is to report as soon as the incident occurs.

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