Activate Your True Calling With Dr. Justin Moseley

Activate Your True Calling With Dr. Justin Moseley
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What is your true calling? 

Have you fully discovered what you were called to do?

For a lot of people, finding their calling has been an extremely difficult task.

 It took eight years for Dr. Justin Moseley to become a Chiropractor. Of the eight years, he spent four years doing undergraduate studies and the other four years in Chiropractic school. Dr. Justin, together with his wife, grew a very successful Chiropractic clinic outside of Nashville, Tennessee. 

Although Dr. Justin experienced tremendous success in his business, he knew he was called to do more.

Don’t Settle For Less

 Dr. Justin, a.k.a. “The Mindset Doctor,” had a life-changing near-death experience in 2018. That near-death experience changed everything for him.  This experience became the wake-up call that Dr. Justin needed. 

He realized that, though he was living his purpose, he was playing way too small. He had gotten comfortable.  Things were good in his business and personal life. He was helping people and making a difference.  But he had settled. He had gotten comfortable.  He needed to exchange his comfort for his calling. Dr. Justin knew that he had a calling in his life to help more people make a more significant impact, and he needed to step out of his comfort zone and make a shift in his identity.

For Dr. Justin, his identity was found in being a Chiropractor because he had become a very successful Chiropractor.  But after his near-death experience, he realized that being a Chiropractor was what he did, but that’s not who he was. Who he really was, was a person that wanted to impact people and make a significant impact in the world. 

According to Dr. Justin, Chiropractic had been a vehicle to do that, but he had been playing too small. When Dr. Justin finally permitted himself to step into his true calling of impacting people, he decided to go all-in on speaking, coaching, leading mastermind groups, and transformational retreats. Now Dr. Justin is truly doing what he was called for. And that has brought more fulfillment to his life.

People need to get clear on who they really are; their true identity.  And instead of people putting their identity in their jobs, careers, and other things, they should ask themselves, “who am I?” and “what am I called to do?”

Get Clear On Your Values

Dr. Justin began helping his clients to transform themselves. He got clear on his values. Many people think of the next strategy, the next course, or how to earn money without emphasizing the mindset and personal growth and development. Many people create businesses to pay the bills and some build businesses that become a “job” that they never really wanted in the first place. When you get clear on your values, you can spend your time wisely. Anything that is outside of your values, delegate it or get rid of it completely. 

Additionally, always ask yourself, “how can I get rid of the self-sabotage and focus on my true calling, true values, and true purposes?” After that, you can find the right next action steps you need to take to live in your values truly. Ensure you know where you want to go. Remember to live your purpose and not just a five-step process. 


Many morning routines can be a perverse way of procrastination.  People do these long drawn-out routines that actually become a distraction from getting high-priority activities done.  Shorten your morning routines then get your highest priority tasks done first thing in the morning.  This will set you up for success.  Dr. Justin does morning routines that only take about twenty minutes. The point of the morning routine is to get things done to set himself up for the day to be productive. 

Dr. Justin says, “a morning routine sets up your day for success, but an evening routine sets up your life for success.”  That’s because the time before you fall asleep is a powerful time to reprogram your subconscious mind. Before you fall asleep, start to visualize the next day going perfectly.  Visualize how you are showing up as the highest version of yourself.  Visualize yourself hitting your goals. The more consistent you become with your visualization, the more likely you are to materialize the results in your life.

Visualize Your Goals

You need to ask yourself: What do you want to accomplish? What goals drive you? Then start visualizing your goals. This step is essential as it will teach your brain to recognize what resources to help you reach your goals. Visualizing your plan will also create an inner motivation to strive for your goals and dreams. Next, think about how it feels to accomplish your goal. What kind of lifestyle do you have? What kind of friends are you doing life with?

Once you go to sleep, your subconscious mind will start to process that, and when you wake up the next day, many things will begin to show up in your awareness since you are beginning to reprogram your subconscious mind. 


Permit yourself today and explore your true calling. Get clear on your values, check your routines and visualize your goals. For more information on your true calling, you can connect to Dr. Justin Moseley on:


The Mindset Doctor Free Facebook group:



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