The Power Of Mindset & Daily Routines For Sustainable Success In Keeping Fit

The Power Of Mindset & Daily Routines For Sustainable Success In Keeping Fit
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A recent study shows that a third of the American population is obese while the other third is overweight, and the number keeps growing. In our fast and developing world, most working people are too busy to find time to work out. They quickly fall into unhealthy routines of working all day and coming home too late to make a healthy meal, so they order in, uber everywhere, and take the elevator instead of the stairs. 

This lifestyle leads to unhealthy weight gain, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, leaving you susceptible to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and many other deadly diseases.

How A Busy Professional Can Keep Fit

Aaron Nimmo, a founder of The Starting Line Company, has dedicated his business to helping busy professionals take control of their life, achieve their dream bodies and maintain a healthy lifestyle despite their busy schedules. He believes that people use ‘being busy’ as an excuse not to hold themselves accountable for their health and body goals. He works with professionals to help carve time out of their busy schedules to exercise, create healthy habits and lifestyles.

Aaron Nimmo offers one-on-one support coaching, personalized nutrition and workout programs to his busy clients, group formats, and online training programs. He is the most significant fitness influencer in Oklahoma with a degree in Kinesiology, ten years’ experience in personal training, and over 50,000 transformations. He also offers fitness tips on Instagram, where he has a following of over one million followers. 

Consistency and Accountability

Most people want to be physically fit, observe healthy diets and live healthy lifestyles but struggle to be consistent and to hold themselves accountable to the goals they have set. They can’t seem to find time in their busy schedules to work out or make healthy meals. 

However, Aaron believes that with a focused mindset and motivation, one can create a sustainable routine, remain consistent with it, and achieve incredible results on their health. Getting a personal trainer such as Aaron is necessary to have someone guide you through your journey and help you be consistent and accountable to your health goals. 

Aaron’s Journey

Aaron’s journey to fitness began at an early age. He began working out when he was in high school to help himself excel in sports; growing up, Aaron was a petite guy, so he needed to grow bigger to compete with other guys in school. Working out, however, did not just help him be better in sports; it worked wonders on his self-image and confidence. Working out also enabled him to connect and bond with his father as they worked out together. When he realized he had a passion for it, he began his journey as a personal trainer and bodybuilder. Aaron is 2- time Mr. Oklahoma after winning in a bodybuilding competition. He and his partner aim to launch a program to train other coaches to do what they do. 

Maintaining a healthy body weight, proper nutrition, and regular exercise help prevent many health complications. Being busy with work or business is no longer an excuse to neglect your health. With a healthy mindset and a sustainable routine, one can find time in their schedule for exercise and getting proper meals. People must break out of unhealthy habits and create a foundation for new healthy ones by committing to new fits in their schedule, even when it means spending money to get a health and fitness coach to hold you accountable to your health goals. You cannot put a price on your health. 





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