Meet Damen Griffith an Online Fitness Coach With Over 20,000 Transformed Clients Globally

Meet Damen Griffith an Online Fitness Coach With Over 20,000 Transformed Clients Globally
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Health is one of the most essential needs of every human. For those of you who know the advantages of keeping fit and building your muscles, there are no excuses to skip a fitness class. Damen Griffith, an online fitness coach is willing to help you create your healthiest self. He is a certified trainer, nutrition adviser, and elite athlete. 

Damen has been helping his clients increase performance, lose weight, improve their metabolism, and gain more energy. He has been training thousands of people globally by offering not just bodybuilding tips, but also all the necessary nutritional diets. With14 years of experience in weight lifting and bodybuilding, he has gained over 20,000 transformed clients globally, and over 3000 followers on his Instagram. The urge to find out more about him led us to interview him and here is what we found out! 

Passionate to Help Others

If you want to know what your passion is, the secret is simple. Reflect on what truly motivates you and brings you joy. For some, this passion is undiscovered until adulthood, but for others, they can find their passion even at a young age during childhood. After all, the activity you love most is what usually leads to being the person you have always wanted to become. For Damen, he was an active child and he started weight lifting while he was 14 years old with his dumbbells his dad had gotten him. Even though he wasn’t sure of what he wanted to become in the future, he was sure that fitness was his passion. The rate at which his body responded made him love how different he was from everyone else around him.

 As time went on, Damen’s friends started requesting his help, so they would bring up his physique. This made him realize that he also had a passion to help others feel better, look better, and live healthier lives. 

Passion is power. It drives many to do things they may think they are beyond their limits. Damen understands that it is important to provide every person an opportunity and encouragement to participate in physical activities that are appropriate. Bearing this in mind, he was willing to offer help to anyone who came requesting the same, and that was how he started building his audience.

Building an Audience

They say, the beginning is always the toughest, but Damen’s case is different. It’s obvious that most people want to build their muscles for one reason or the other. Regardless of what you do, the path to good health and well being is regular exercise, physical activity, and healthy diets. When Damen started building his audience, he would always advise them on what to eat and what not to, in order to balance the whole equation. 

When Damen joined junior college, he started training some personal clients in the gym for some extra cash. Little did he know that this was part of his preparation for his future career. That was when it dawned on him that he could reach more people through social media. He had also seen people making money, so he thought it was time he gave it a shot. Sure enough, it wasn’t a waste. Sometimes it’s not easy building an audience especially on social media, but your patience and persistence will determine the results you will get in time. 

Achieving his Goals

There is no better feeling in business than achieving the best or becoming as successful as you have always desired. But for you to get to this point., you have to do all it takes to get there. You don’t just sit and wait for everything to flow just as it wishes. Time, energy, and commitment are the key points. If you are a fitness coach seeking to be known for the good services you are offering like Damen, you have to spend time on social media. You should be telling people more about your services, posting pictures, videos, workouts, and everything else that’s related. Damen used to post all this information, and by reaching 35,000 followers he knew it was the perfect time to open a shop and start making money out of his fitness and bodybuilding expertise. 

Currently, Damen has been a Bang Energy Elite Athlete for three years, an Icon Meals Athlete for almost 4 years, and is a Professional Athlete in the Super League. He has not only transformed thousands of people across the globe but also helps other coaches grow and scale their online businesses just like him. To reach out to Damen or learn more about him, visit

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