Lack Doesn’t Exist. Never. Everything Is An Opportunity For Greater Abundance

Lack Doesn’t Exist. Never. Everything Is An Opportunity For Greater Abundance
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Fear of failure or being judged has prevented and stopped many people from attaining the desired results, but it is something you can control. You probably have had moments where things didn’t go right for you. But were you able to pick yourself up and move toward the success you wanted? Whether your answer is ‘Yes’ or ‘No,’ there is nothing to worry about.

This article will enlighten you to understand that you sit in a position of abundance despite your current situation. Riya Sokol has been at the forefront as the voice of abundance. Through her revolutionary perspective of abundance, her audience learns lack only exists if you decide it does.

Riya Sokol At A Glance

Riya Sokol is a speaker, mentor, and tantric coach. She is the author of the viral “Thank you, Coronavirus” video poem.

She teaches men and women a new understanding of love, life, relationships, and money. Through wearing a filter on the sacredness of life, she takes people to the abundance beyond all understanding.

As an abundance coach, she has helped hundreds of clients gain balance and harmony in all areas of their lives.

Lack Doesn’t Exist

Riya has a lot of examples from her life that proves that nothing is impossible for her or her clients. She creates an ew understanding of life and its sense. We are ultimately determined by the way we see reality. We change the way we see it, we change reality.

Riya went through a divorce. It was a challenging and emotional period. She felt frustrated through the murky waters of the process.

However, she did not allow herself to operate from the point of deficit or lack. She always saw a possibility with her ex-husband. Today they are best friends supporting each other in every moment.  Unbelievable situations like this, are normal in Riya’s and her audience’s world. “Impossible doesn’t exist. Abundance is everywhere. And I make you realize that. Inevitably, your life will never be the same, every day more of what it was.”  She teaches new ways how to create life, relations, and business. She liberates people from the tiny boxes they thought they lived in, reminds them about their passions brings fresh air to their daily life. .“Everything that I go through I navigate myself in a way that I am proud of afterward. This is how I live my life. When people come to me I am sure that they can make anything they want because I am living proof of being capable to turn the impossible into possible. e If I can do it, anybody who comes to me, can do it too” says Riya.

Operate From A Point Of Possibilities

Riya teaches, we are limitless, the only thing is to stop disturbing it. “We are already so worthy. We were given lives for free. We didn’t have to do anything to deserve life. That’s how much we are precious. . And we forget about it. We start playing small. Believing we have to do something to receive love and abundance. And we limit ourselves. I open the minds in a way people are blown away by what they realize they are capable of. It’s all about mindset, and perspective. In the old paradigms, we had to go to therapies, process, fix, improve, and remove blockages. In mine, you get to choose what you want and we create it. Instantly. In my world, lack doesn’t exist.” 

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