How Brokenness And Pain Propelled Life Coach Rose Young To Discovering Empowerment

How Brokenness And Pain Propelled Life Coach Rose Young To Discovering Empowerment
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Sometimes people will go through challenging situations that would put them down. During this period, they might doubt themselves and question their abilities. There are two ways to view painful events in life – positive or negative. Brokenness and painful situations might break people’s hearts, but those same events are also molding them to become better individuals.

Often, many people’s life-changing discoveries happened after they went through deep pain and brokenness. Life empowerment coach Rose Young can relate to brokenness as she experienced tragic events in her life. “I can connect with what they feel because I have been in their shoes twice,” Coach Rose shared.

The entrepreneur and bestselling author offer a unique perspective on how brokenness and painful events can empower someone.  “The difficulties that you face in life paves the way to make you an empowered person. It can propel you towards your destiny,” Coach Rose said.

Who Is Coach Rose?

Coach Rose is not an ordinary coach but a Master Coach. She has earned multiple coaching certifications in different areas of the industry, which includes leadership and business coaching. She is also a known affiliate of America’s Best Confidence Coach, Dr. Keith Johnson, and the Destiny Coaching Group.

As a Life Empowerment and Mindfulness Coach, Rose shares the lessons that she learned from the two life-changing events in her life in helping others overcome brokenness and pain. She guides aspiring leaders to formulate a plan to grow their businesses and continue to pursue their dreams.

Coach Rose is also a powerful speaker and accomplished writer who compiled an anthology that became an international best-selling book. She worked as a certified Cardiologist Technologist and Medical Lab Technologist for many years before becoming a coach and entrepreneur.

Discovering Empowerment

Coach Rose did not know about empowerment until she went through two devastating events in her life.  She got involved in two major vehicular accidents that altered her professional career and her life. The first occurred in 2008, wherein she got involved in a triple car road accident. She sustained multiple injuries in the neck, left leg, and back due to the impact of the collisions. The pain that she felt in her lower back was excruciating that she could not walk, sit, or stand for at least five minutes before changing her position.

The second car accident happened several years later. Coach Rose once again became part of another road accident, which involves four vehicles. Coach Rose said that the second accident was far worse than the first one. She suffered multiple injuries that greatly affected her life.

“My injuries did not allow me to get back to work for several years. Hence, the company wherein I was working has no choice but to let me go,” Coach Rose said. As the saying goes, when it rains, it pours. After losing her job, everything seems to fall apart in her life. “I lost my home because I can no longer afford it. I also lost my friends, my self-worth, and my confidence in my abilities. I hit rock-bottom in my life,” she added.

But after years of suffering, Coach Rose realized that she has three children that depend on her. “It was a wake-up call for me. I became aware that the darker it got for me, the darker it got for my children. I told myself that I need to do something for the sake of my three children,” she shared. Amidst the pain in her life, she discovered the why of her life – her children. She admitted that her three young teens remain the why in her life.

Coach Rose decided to fight through the brokenness and pain in her life, always remembering that she was doing it for her children. She began the fight to become well again. It was a tough battle, but Coach Rose made it through by saying positive things to herself each morning. She created the so-called “What I am Thankful For List,” wherein she wrote everything good about her life every day. “I decided to focus on positive things in my life to overcome pain, anxiety, and depression,” Coach Rose explained. She also sought the help of a chiropractor to help her deal with the constant pain brought by car accidents. 

“I did everything and anything that I could to do to become better. I did get better,” Coach Rose said.

Empowering Others

Today, Coach Rose shares the valuable lessons that she acquired from those painful events. She guides other people on overcoming difficult situations in life and empowering them to move towards their destiny. She empowers them with encouraging words by providing a glimpse of her survival story and testimonials of those who have been there and succeed.

“I help them find clarity on what they want and see the possibilities. I urge them to have greater expectations of themselves. Once they have that expectation, they are empowered to follow their hearts and accomplish their dreams,” Coach Rose said.

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