Erin Hansen Is Helping Parents Overcome Their Frustrations, Here’s How

Erin Hansen Is Helping Parents Overcome Their Frustrations, Here’s How
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Erin Hansen As A Life Coach

Frustration as parents is common but don’t worry because you are not alone. What’s not normal is when you allow yourself as a parent to go through the struggles without asking for help. When you connect with a life coach, you’ll have someone to lean on when you’re feeling overwhelmed by your emotions. During these difficult days, comfort is crucial.

Erin Hansen is a strategic life coach that helps families realize and understand their basic human needs. These human needs often lead to misunderstandings but with Erin’s help, she guides the parents to understand their kids more. As parents, we are in the stage of having the need for certainty that is why we can have a lot of frustrations. Besides the need for certainty, there are other needs that we aim to fulfill such as the need for significance in our child’s life

The Basic Human Needs

We all have 6 human needs and these are, certainty, variety, significance, connection or love, growth, and contribution. We all go through stages where we will specifically desire one of these needs. It is a must that we understand each need especially when we are in the parent stage. Having to understand each need will help us guide our children during certain stages especially adolescence. 

The need for certainty means you avoid pain and look for comfort. This is a survival mechanism for people that’s why everyone has it whatever stage we are in but as for parents, this is the core need because they also have to attend to their kids’ needs. There are a lot of conflicts between parents and kids especially in adolescence and this is where stress and frustrations happen due to having the opposite need of parents and children. Erin has encountered a lot of these situations as a life coach and she can offer support that will help your family have a peaceful relationship and for parents to overcome their frustrations.

What Hinders You From Having A Life Coach

Basically, there are 5 factors that makes us doubt about having a life coach. But these are the things you must know before you say no to a life coach. 

You think that you don’t have enough time for having sessions but honestly, it saves you time from reading tons of books that don’t apply to you. Erin gives you personalized strategies because she knows what you’ve been going through. You don’t have to waste time researching because through Erin, what you need is what she provides. 

You consider your money thinking it’s expensive, but look through your relationship with your family. What is it worth to you? Remember that you can’t bring back time but you can always have your money back. Your spouse might also hinder you but it is important to be on the right page especially on raising your children and there are more important factors you must know only by having Erin as a life coach.

Don’t let your fear, shame, and self-doubt take over. Rather, you must learn how to overcome these things. Erin’s personalized strategies help everyone in the family overcome stress and frustration which will lead them to a peaceful relationship with each other.

More about Erin Hansen? Connect with her through her Linkedin and Twitter

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