Chris Bentley: The New King of Real Estate

Chris Bentley: The New King of Real Estate
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With almost two decades of experience in real estate, Chris D. Bentley recently founded Bentley Fine Properties, a traditional real estate brokerage model. What sets his business apart is the greater emphasis he puts on leveraging technology to enhance one-on-one communication to close more deals, which proves how easily he adapts to the demands of changing times. The company’s specialty is helping clients relocate to Dallas, Texas. 

In addition to his successful business, Chris is also a four-time published author and a six-time multi-million producer with over 100 videos on YouTube. He also secured the 13th spot of top Dallas Realtors on social media in 2018 and 2019. As such, if you are prospecting to move into Dallas or are interested in real estate, you know who to find: Chris D. Bentley.

Extreme Networking

The cornerstone of every successful business is networking. Being able to relay your message and exchange information with potential partners and clients is a powerful tool to grow your business. However, not everyone is knowledgeable and skilled in this area of expertise. But do not worry. Sometimes, it only takes the guidance of others who have experience in the field to ease your process in learning how to leverage your interactions and connections and, consequently, build a successful venture. In Chris D. Bentley’s latest book titled Extreme Networking: Become a Connector in a 2020 World, he shares several fundamental networking techniques and tips to help you grow your business.

Customer Service

Once you have courted people to trust you and your work, it is crucial to maintain the interest of your clients. Not only do you want to have a successful negotiation with your clients and close deals, but you should also develop a healthy and sustainable relationship with them by providing exceptional customer service. By exceeding clients’ expectations, they are convinced to come back for more and refer you to other potential clients. In addition, as a real estate professional, you must also listen to your clients’ demands so you can efficiently and adequately address their needs. In doing so, you will be able to grow your network, as well as your business. By leveraging technology, specifically social media platforms, Chris is able to provide exceptional care to his client’s concerns. 

Online Presence

In Chris’s experience in real estate, half of his earnings came from clients who repeatedly availed of his services and referrals, while the other half came from social media exposure. With the advent of technology, it became easy for him to create and sustain relationships with his clients that allowed him to grow his business to its present state. His online presence has garnered him an audience on various online platforms, such as YouTube, which create a brand and name in real estate. At present, Chris is the organizer of Plano Socialites, a local business networking Facebook group with over 3,700 members. 
What makes a good Realtor? One that conducts extreme networking, provides exceptional customer service, and has an astounding online presence; one that emulates Chris D. Bentley’s key attributes as the new king of real estate. If you want to know more about Chris, you can reach him through LinkedIn.

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