How To Be An Innovative Real Estate Agent

How To Be An Innovative Real Estate Agent
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The competition in real estate grows intense by the minute. Any realtor who enters the industry with boxes in concepts of making sales will struggle. You  must be innovative if you want to make sales and build a lasting brand.

Like every field, real estate also requires innovation. We talked to Licensed realtor LaQuanda Brownlee to learn how to be an innovative real estate agent.

About LaQuanda Brownlee

LaQuanda Brownlee is a licensed realtor with six-plus years in the competitive landscape of Dallas Fort-Worth. She has established a reputation as a well-respected and innovative agent. LaQuanda has helped hundreds of families find their dream homes through her sharp knowledge of the market.

LaQuanda has a series of accomplishments under her belt. Her background in customer service, marketing, and contracts has equipped her with the skills and knowledge needed to exceed her client’s expectations. In addition to the Seller Representative Specialist Designation, she has also earned the prestigious-Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist t(TM) (CLHMS) designation. This certification is recognized as the mark of accomplishment in luxury markets worldwide.

The CLHMS designation assures affluent buyers and sellers that the agents who have earned it have the knowledge, experience, competence, and confidence required to provide exceptional services. LaQuanda also works closely with builders and has exceptional knowledge of the current market and future trends.

How to be Innovative in Real Estate

To LaQuanda, innovation means thinking outside the box to set yourself apart. An innovative realtor communicates to the client that they’re not just out to sign their name on the contract line but to serve the client.

LaQuanda’s innovative tactics have helped her build a successful business. Some of the innovative tactics that she utilized include:

  • Creating top-notch videos and photos

LaQuanda has partnered with a professional to help her with the staging of the houses. The professional photographer and videographer provide top-notch photos and videos for social media marketing and staging.

  • Exceptional Customer Service

LaQuanda treats her clients as friends and family by way of real estate. Her customer relationships are not transactional. Instead, she prioritizes her customer relationships beyond the closing of deals.

LaQuanda specializes in new construction, land, and luxury. When a client wants new construction, LaQuanda serves the client by ensuring that while they are at work, their needs are being met in constructing their new home.

  • Providing Incentives

LaQuanda provides incentives to her clients. She has partnered with a few top builders within the DFW market. If clients purchase new construction and go in and say that they are working with LaQuanda, they will get incentives, e.g., upgrades, closing costs, e.t.c. By partnering with builders, LaQuanda manages to provide opportunities that are not in the market.

To Conclude

Innovation helps a realtor look for multiple ways to offer service. These multiple ways help address the pain point of the client. They also help foster a working relationship that can lead to referrals and repeat clients. LaQuanda’s success in the DFW market proves that innovation is the secret ingredient for success in a competitive market. You can learn more from LaQuanda by connecting with her online.

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