Top 3 tips on Attracting and Building Lifetime Clients

Top 3 tips on Attracting and Building Lifetime Clients
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Kareen Zahr Walsh asserts that the overall value of a retained client differs from gaining a new one. The value is typically between five and twenty-five times higher. Because of this enormous intrinsic value, many marketing teams must focus on client retention.

Below are Kareen’s tips on attracting and building a lifetime of clientele;

  1. Clarity

Your information is easier to understand when confusion is eliminated. Customers receive the appropriate message in the right setting at the proper time. 

The clarity that comes from understanding your service offering and model and utilizing clear terms when communicating them is something that any business can use. 

Clarity enhances communication in many ways: Aside from boosting sales, customers are more inclined to do business with you again when you are clear about the service or product you offer and the benefits your clients should expect. It’s even better when it’s clear how they can grow with you.

Communicating reduces your clients’ frustration, encouraging them to keep doing business with you. It also builds trust over time, increasing the chances that they refer your business to their friends, family, and network. 

  • Excellent customer experience

When your business model is clear, and you can explain it well, you are more likely to market through the appropriate channels and reach the most potential clients. 

Here is the catch, are you meeting the end of your bargain? Marketing involves more than just using social media. People frequently believe that because other companies sell in a certain way, they would have the same outcomes if they followed suit. 

In reality, marketing plans are carefully considered. The one thing you don’t want to do is engage in a successful marketing campaign while providing substandard goods or services. That might get you out of business faster than you got in. 

To attract and retain clients, your business structure must be clear, as stated, and the business process must be seamless. This means that your customers have a great experience during the period they interact with you and thoroughly enjoy the quality of service and product on sale. 

  • Be proactive and react appropriately.

In that light, investigate the cause if a customer approaches your website but leaves before they should. Incorporate an exit survey with a comment section.

If a customer deletes their account, communicate with them; try to gather the reasons behind their action and take immediate action. Act proactively with your business and show genuine concern and effort when dealing with your clients. After all, if a part of your system bothered one of your customers, it is likely that other customers could be struggling with the same.

Attraction and retention are more of an indicator of the business’ overall transformation and where you are at that moment.

If you want to know how you are set up to attract lifetime clients, I am sure Kareen would love to set up an assessment call with you. Click here for more information. 

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