Three Ways for Moms to Save Money Back to School Shopping

Three Ways for Moms to Save Money Back to School Shopping
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If you are like me then you are in back to school mode right now. It’s the middle of summer and before we know it the kids will be starting another school year.

And you know what that means: BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING. My bank account just squirmed as I typed that. It can get pretty expensive, especially for households with multiple kids all gearing to go back.

Over the years I have figured out a few ways to save money. You can break the bank when shopping for the back to school essentials, so anytime you can save a few dollars you should take advantage of it!

Use my top three tips and save some money. At the very least it can go towards your top secret emergency wine stash! đŸ˜‰

1. Look for Department Store Specials

The big box stores know that every mom on the planet is looking for deals when it comes to back to school shopping, especially for clothes. They are in such fierce competition that they will release some very aggressive specials every summer.

The trick is to hold out and be ready to strike as soon as they are announced. It’s not uncommon to find 50% to 75% off specials at places like JCPenny and Old Navy.

Even the online players like Amazon are getting into the action. With such amazing deals the inventory is blown out fast so you have to be prepared to shop fast. If you hear of a mega deal you can’t wait until the weekend. You need to spring into action and go take advantage of the deal while there is a lot of stock and inventory available.

Most of the retail stores only have a limited amount of the really good sale inventory. They use it as incentive to get you there and hope you also pick up some non-sale items.

department store back to school specials

2. Visit Outlet Shops

There is a lot of money to be saved when you learn how to shop at the outlets. Most of the big name brand companies have outlet locations. You might have to drive a bit, but if you map out your attack and the outlet mall has several appealing stores it is often worth the trip.

I am a big fan of the NIKE outlet. My kids love their sneakers and athletic gear, so saving 50% to 70% on sneakers and clothes makes it worth the trip alone. Then when you figure in other outlet shops, all with huge savings, it justifies the 90 minute drive.

My biggest hack for this: go with another family (or two) and you will cut your travel cost by a large amount. If you have family friends that also shop at the same outlet stores you can make a fun day out of it. Gas and tolls for one car is always better than two or three.

back to school shopping outlet mall

3. Check Out Discount Online Marketplaces

Websites like the Whohou marketplace often have some hidden gems that you can’t find elsewhere. There are a lot of these websites available, so Google is going to be your best friend.

One of the easiest ways to keep up to date on special offers is to make sure you subscribe to their email newsletters and notifications. When you are first to receive notice of deals going live it can help you avoid missing out and saving money.

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