Information on Holistic Nursing

Information on  Holistic Nursing
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After years of practice in the nursing profession, there are probably numerous times when you felt like you could have done more for the patient. The problem was that you did not have the freedom to fully utilize your abilities or judgment in what you could do for the patient because you were bound by the protocols implemented by your hospital employer. Perhaps you felt like you could do more than just help the patient manage their symptoms. If you want to take your nursing career to the next level, the ideal path for you could be a career as a holistic nurse. With a certification as a holistic registered nurse, you can help your patient heal, not just for specific problems, but for the whole body.

What is the Holistic Nursing Approach?

This is an integrative approach to healing in which you will be able to treat the patient as a whole person, combining body, mind, and spirit. You will help your patient make lifestyle changes that will support healing and better health. This includes physical activity, nutrition, sleep habits, and more, with attention to how your patient deals with change. As a holistic nurse, you will be coaching your patient in how they can achieve optimal health and wellness. You will learn all of this in your holistic nursing education and training.

The Role of a Holistic Nurse

A holistic nurse is a registered nurse who can work in any medical specialty. This includes general practice, internal medicine, OB/GYN, cardiology, and any other specialty in traditional medicine. The nurse can work in a hospital, clinic, private practice, home healthcare setting, and more. The holistic nurse provides more services than the basics like taking vital signs, dressing wounds, administering treatments, etc. She looks beyond just the symptoms and illness at hand and assesses all aspects of the patient’s wellbeing to identify possible things in the patient’s lifestyle that might contribute to the health problems.

Caregiving is based on what the entire person requires. The holistic nurse uses her knowledge in holistic medicine as well as her traditional training as an RN to identify possible causes that contribute to the patient’s medical problems. In addition to knowledge of conventional medicine, the holistic nurse has knowledge of alternative medicine. Combining these two approaches, the holistic nurse can tailor a care plan that uses the best of both worlds.

The Holistic Nurse Brings Another Dimension to Patient Care

While conventional medicine is still an essential part of patient care, the holistic nurse brings another dimension which includes healing of the mind. Non-traditional interventions may include biofeedback, cognitive therapy, reflexology, healing touch, music and sound therapy, and much more. Because the body and mind are strongly connected, healing of the whole patient must embrace treatment of both dimensions. If the body is treated while the mind is still in turmoil, wellness cannot be achieved. The holistic nurse is trained to identify where the disconnect is and can help the patient bridge the gap.

Becoming a Board Certified Holistic Nurse

Holistic nursing is recognized by the American Nurses Association as a nursing specialty. There are specific standards and a defined scope. You can become a board certified holistic nurse through the Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program from The Nurse Coach Collective. This program is approved by the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation. The certificate program will train you and prepare you for the certification exam in Holistic Nursing and Nurse Coaching. 

To earn the Certificate in Holistic Nursing, you must have graduated from a nationally accredited nursing program and hold a current license as a Registered Nurse in the United States. You must have 2000 hours or one year experience practicing as a holistic nurse within the last five years. You also must have 48 hours of continuing education credits in Holistic Nursing theory, practice, research, or related areas.

Become a Change Maker In Medicine

One of the biggest problems in the healthcare system today is that patients often only get treatment for their symptoms. They often do not receive any comprehensive assessment in order to uncover other possible contributors to their ailments. Because of this lack of exploration and discovery, patients continue to follow potentially unhealthy living habits that only make their symptoms worse. What the patients need is guidance on how they can make fundamental changes in their lifestyles to eliminate these contributors. As a holistic nurse, you can make a difference. You can change the way how patients are served. We at  The Nurse Coach Collective will help you provide a more comprehensive level of patient care and be a more effective healer for your patients. As you practice holistic nursing, you will start to see a marked difference in the positive changes in your patients. This can rekindle your passion for patient care.

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