How to make your kitchen FEEL it’s the most valuable room in your home

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If you are the type of person who tears through interiors magazines and reads the property news – you will have heard all of the fuss about the kitchen.

Put simply, many believe that this is the most valuable room in the home.

Historically, it may have been something of a functional room; the place where meals were prepared and so on. Over time, perhaps with the rise of open plan living, it has become the ‘hub’ of the home for many families. This is where a household congregate, and the side benefit is that it’s also the destination where food is prepared, and sometimes consumed as well.

Something else that you might be well aware of are the immense costs associated with kitchen renovations though. It is one of the most expensive rooms in the house to remodel, with most jobs stretching into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Bearing this in mind, how can you make an impact with your kitchen on a budget? Through today, we will show you how you can make it finally feel as though it really is the most valuable room in your house.

Worktops are not for… clutter

Believe it or not, worktops were designed to prepare food, and perhaps your morning coffee. They weren’t designed as an extra shelving unit.

Unfortunately, this is what they have been turned into across many homes. They are used to store coffee machines, toasters, panini makers and anything else we can squeeze onto there. The result? The kitchen becomes almost like a dumping ground, and it goes against all of the clutter-free principles that the interiors publications are trying to drill into us.

Flowers: a two-in-one swoop

We’re now going to move onto the topic of flowers. From a visual point of view, these images from Avas Flowers will highlight exactly how impactful they can be in a kitchen environment. As Avas Flowers highlight in vibrant fashion, this is one, quick easy way to add bursts of color to a room without getting the paintbrush out.

Something that the page from Avas Flowers perhaps doesn’t highlight is the scent-factor though. As we all know, kitchens are rife for all types of odors and the rise of the kitchen-living room means that you can be permanently attached to such smells at most times. A bouquet of flowers on the windowsill therefore won’t just look great from a visual point of view, but it will also trigger other senses which can often get neglected in the modern-day kitchen.

You can invest bit-by-bit in your kitchen

Finally, let’s talk about how you should invest in your kitchen shrewdly. As we have already alluded to, this can be an expensive room. Most people can’t just pluck up the funds and turn to a brand-new kitchen without some sort of long-term planning.

However, something that you can do is approach this room in sections. For example, have you considered the following?

  • Instead of getting brand-new kitchen units, what about repainting the ones you already have? Or, to go a step further, how about purchasing new doors for your units so they feel like new?
  • You can even go an extra step and consider changing small accessories such as door handles. While they might appear tiny, as they are so frequently distributed through the room, the difference can be immense.
  • Don’t just limit your changes to kitchen units either; think outside the box. For example, what about a new faucet? It sounds small, but particularly if you invest just in one area, it can become a focal point and transform your entire room.

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