How to Leverage Technology to Outsource You Tedious Tasks

How to Leverage Technology to Outsource You Tedious Tasks
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Think of how much time you waste on tedious tasks that require little to no skill. Things like logging into your online banking or credit card accounts and making a payment. Or logging into your Google Calendar and putting in your meetings, calls, and appointments.

It’s just busy work that is sucking up your time. This is time that you could be putting to better use. If you want to reclaim your time then you need to learn how to leverage technology and outsource the busy work.

There are so many apps, platforms and outlets to find third-party freelancers, teams and companies that can handle this work for you. Taking it off your table completely, allowing you be use your time for more productive tasks.

Understand Business Process Outsourcing

What is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)?

BPO is a sub-category of outsourcing that hands over the entire process of the business to a third-party service provider. This would be like handing over your entire marketing department or your sales team to a third-party.

While this is more extreme than just hiring a virtual assistant to help manage your calendar or small accounting tasks, some companies can benefit greatly by outsourcing entire departments and processes.

Determine What Can be Outsourced

You can’t outsource everything.

Map out what can and cannot and then go from there. Every process, task or department that CAN be outsourced will need to be sourced differently. There are options for specific tasks, and some providers that only focus on one area in order to deliver the best possible service.

The more organized you can be during this stage the easier it will be to identify the best possible outsource partners.

For example, take the important question of tracking employee attendance. Instead of using the highly cumbersome and unreliable manual system, you must use an automated solution to ensure speed and accuracy. Some of the best timesheet software created for this purpose are quite affordable too.

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Interview Thoroughly

When you do find a possible outsource solution you need to interview them thoroughly. Put them through an application process and make sure you are 100% confident they can meet your standards.

There are many resources online to find outsource partners, so there is no need to jump at the first option you find. You don’t want to rush this process because making the wrong hiring decision, especially if it’s for an entire department of your business, can create a very bad situation.

Walk on eggshells here. This is an important decision, so take your time and be certain you have found the best option.

Establish Checks and Balances

You have to put a system in place that holds your outsource provider accountable. You cannot just set them free and assume they will do everything right.

Just because they are not in your office doesn’t mean you can cut them loose. You are going to have to put extra attention and focus on the “checking up” part, especially in the beginning.

Make Outsourced Departments Feel Part of the Team

outsourcing to build your team

Making any outsourced part of your business feel like they are important, just like your other office team is important.

Things like video conference calls, regular “team” contests that includes them, and including them in your team collaboration tool are all ways to keep communication open and not alienate anyone.

Keeping a team vibe is very important to make sure that every part of the business, outsourced and not, work together to hit all of your goals.

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