Don’t be a Slave to your Fear; You Have a Giant Within You.

Don’t be a Slave to your Fear; You Have a Giant Within You.
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Fear severely impacts your ability to develop a meaningful career, your ability to achieve personal or professional goals, and the ability to experience happiness. Fear has the power to create excuses that seem legitimate enough to stop you from taking action, and you end up going back to your comfort zone. Therefore, to experience success, you need to figure out how to overcome your fear.

People with disabilities demonstrate more intense fear than people with no disability. Courtenay says the perfect way to deal with anxiety is by using your body. The body speaks through sensation, the way we move, and the physical energy of our emotions. Moving through your body connects to healing gifts that move through you. 

Who Exactly is Courtenay Turner?

Courtenay Turner is the founder and host of What Is Movement (WIM). She was born with congenital rubella, which resulted in multiple health conditions, including heart complications, stunted growth, hypotonia, asymmetrical bone development, bilateral hearing impairment, and unilateral blindness, among other conditions. No one expected she would make it past her childhood, let alone display incredible feats of athleticism. The doctors said no viable treatment existed and told her parents to find an excellent institution for her to spend her life. Yet, they took measures into their own hands and never gave up on her. 

Since Courtenay hungers for creative expression and knowledge, she spent most of her life exploring the human psyche via academic pursuits while tuning into the movement for healing and self-expression. At WIM, they explore how movement heals physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally and outline how it enhances other aspects of life.

Overcome Fear Through Movement

Courtenay is proof that when you follow the flow of movement in your body, you can transparently express yourself and use the body as a vehicle to create lasting change. She uses her life experiences as a disabled person to encourage people with disabilities to deal with fear. She created WIM with the mission to inspire people to inhabit their bodies and connect to movement styles that resonate with them. WIM interviews performance artists, athletes, movement artists, athletes with disabilities, and everyday people who love to move.

Courtenay ignored the negative views but worked hard to heal and get to where she is today. She believes that fear can hinder you from achieving your dreams. She used a creative movement mindset to build resilience and overcome her physical, emotional, and mental challenges. 

See Difficulties as Opportunities

Another way to overcome fear is to see it as an opportunity to convert it into courage. Seeing challenges as an opportunity for growth will help you overcome fear. Wherever you go through tough times, avoid limiting beliefs and develop the determination to get past your problems. When almost everybody doubted the abilities of Courtenay, she developed self-belief to supersede the doubts and drive her to pursue athleticism successfully.

Never allow your fear to diminish you or pull you back. In summation, accept your fear, identify it, feel it and face it. For more information about how you can deal with fear, connect with Courtenay here.

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