10 Smart Ways To Get More Back links To Your Website For Free While Increasing Traffic

10 Smart Ways To Get More Back links To Your Website For Free While Increasing Traffic
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Backlink means websites linking to your own website. You need backlinks so you can rank high in Google search, and increase traffic to your website.

Earning or Building Backlinks is an essential component of Off-site SEO. Backlinks are an important search engine ranking factor, constituting more than 50%, compared to other factors. Traffic on your website is directly proportional to the quality and number of backlinks your website has.

New websites or old websites trying to boost their search engine rankings, find link building very difficult, at times.

Some websites spend tons of money on getting backlinks by purchasing guest post packages and it is a good way to build links but there are many other free methods.

Nothing good in life comes for free, but most of the ways to be mentioned are free, just a few aren’t, and they come at a low cost to your budget.

How to Get Backlinks?

Getting Backlinks isn’t that hard, but it’s a secret known to only a few.

Which I plan on revealing to you, let’s dive head on into the 10 smart ways to earn backlinks to your website for almost free:

(1) Competitor’s Backlinks Research: you have a lot of competitors in your industry, that you are probably wondering what they are doing right, that you are doing wrongly. These competitors have earned backlinks from a lot of other websites.

You can spy on your competitors, even get those websites with their backlinks to have yours, via these ways;

(a) Subscribe to Their Email Newsletter: so you can get notified each time they post new content. Content is one of the key factors that affects search engine optimization.

(b) Use Backlink Tools: you can spy on your competitors, using Backlink Tools such as: Monitor Backlinks(you add your 4 most important competitors or less, and you get weekly report on all backlinks they have earned), SE Ranking, there are others, but these ones I can recommend as the best.

(2) Testimonial Methods: A lot of relevant, high-authority websites are willing to get testimonials from customers in exchange for backlinks on the website. Check through websites of companies that you patronise and contact the ones that post customer’s testimonials with their website addresses.

(3) Use Influencers & Important Bloggers: contact social media influencers and highly followed bloggers, so they can post your links on their posts on their social media pages. Influencers and Bloggers are followed by a lot of people online, and they influence the choices they make.

(4) Broken-Link Building Method: this is time requiring, but you can hire someone for a token to do this. You can check through high-authority websites with close ties to your industry. Browse through them, check the backlinks in them for the broken ones. Broken links are links that when, you click them, your browser shows something like:

                              404 Page Error

Which signifies that the website owning the backlink is no longer available. 

You can contact the manager of the website, you are browsing through, so as to exchange your backlinks with the broken backlinks.

Use tools like Serp Maker, so as to browse through thousands of high-authority websites that accept guest spots (with your backlinks).

(5) Create Contents: create contents with a lot of keywords, so as to rank higher in Google search. Keywords are also a factor of search engine ranking factor. You can also write a blog post on a trending topic, that attracts plenty of traffic. Fill your website with contents, what’s the essence of bringing people to your site, if there is nothing to crave their indulgence on it.

(6) Get A Podcast Interview: not everyone likes writing. In case you hate writing, and don’t want to hire writers to create content. This is perfect for you.

Most podcasts focus on interviewing new guests, and they get problems whenever they run out of people to interview, so you can offer help to appear as a guest.

Search Google for your industry related podcasts, listen to a podcast episode, so as to know how to manoeuvre your way when it’s your turn.

Visit such a podcast website, apply to be a guest.

During your interview, mention links to your site. Make the links short, so listeners can remember easily when done with listening.

Request the podcast host to include your backlinks in the show notes, as most podcast websites do summarise each podcast episode and include links to related resources mentioned in it.

(7) Guest Blogging: you can write contents for popular blogs, while including backlinks to your website with an offer for them to read more about such contents. People always want to know more (especially when it gets them fascinated), use that to your advantage.

(8)  Answer Questions on Quora: multitudes of people every day ask questions on Quora. Respond to questions that relate to your niche, give expert advice, and include a link back to your website. 

(9) Make Use of Infographics: you have probably been searching the web for information on some things, then you fall upon a write-up and an infographic, what you read through first is the infographic. Infographics have been found to be attractive to the eyes, they are one of the most shared contents online.

You can hire a graphic designer to create an infographic on a trending topic that is related to your niche, with your link included in the infographic. Hiring a graphic designer isn’t expensive, you can get one for >$50.

(10) Update Your Social Media Profile with Your Backlinks: more than half of the world population are on social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Snapchat and lots more. Even they boast of more visitors daily than most websites. Add your backlinks to your profile. Even create post on trending topics (not necessarily trending) with trending #tags, while including your backlinks in such posts.

I know before reading this, backlinks earning or building, must have seemed like a “Mission Impossible”. But know you know it’s achievable and you know how to make it possible, why not try these smart ways and increase traffic to your website today? 

NOTE: As important as earning backlinks is, keeping your backlinks is as important as it is. Monitor and keep track of your backlinks by using Backlinks tools such as: Monitor Backlinks, Backlink Watch, SE Ranking, SEO Spyglass, Ahrefs, Majestic SEO; which are just a few of the best.

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