From Building A 6-Figure Cash Practice To Creating Multiple Coaching Consulting Brands: Sandra Haseley

From Building A 6-Figure Cash Practice To Creating Multiple Coaching Consulting Brands: Sandra Haseley
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Sandra Haseley is an organic strategy whizz whose success heights will make you marvel. Her success story can light up the startups and propel them beyond 6-figures. Without any insurance, Sandra built a 6-figure cash practice in under one year. She also managed to grow her weight-loss company within the clinic to become Western New York’s highest-rated weight loss provider in less than three years. 

Today, Sandra is building and scaling businesses using the organic strategy, tactics, and mindset that help women meet their goals. Her energy and humour allow them to learn and get results in a way that feels fun. This woman is now the owner and partner of Sandra Haseley+Co. And Generation Impact Consulting, LLC. Besides, she has also been hired as a corporate consultant and a keynote speaker for Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi at Sandra is also excellent at creating systems for efficiency and productivity, among other critical systems needed for scaling an online business. 

Background Story

 Sandra Haseley is a Canadian living in America. She attended St. Bonaventure University, where she got a degree in Finance with an undergraduate in Marketing. Sandra is also a mother of four. She started her International Commercial Real Estate career where she managed, secured, and helped develop over $500 million in real estate deals. This enthusiastic woman has closed tens of millions of dollars for various companies. 

After closing a 14.6 million dollar deal In Real Estate, instead of receiving her bonus, she was fired. Sandra picked up herself later and started organizing a company that became overwhelming right around the time her husband mentioned he wanted to open a clinic. Sandra spearheaded the practice-opening from scratch with only a ten thousand dollar line of credit. They turned that into a six-figure practice with a year as a cash practice which is insanely difficult to do in New York because nearly all the competition accepts insurance payments instead. 

In early 2019, Sandra got into full-time coaching. 

Success Habits

One of the most significant success habits for Sandra Haseley has been time management. She sets aside time for her business and interaction with her clients. She also sets the time to receive feedback and reply to the same feedback. If you are thinking about success, it will help if you manage your time well. Something else that makes Sandra shine in all her business endeavours is her persistence. She is always trying and trying again. In creating multiple coaching brands, Sandra is constantly ensuring that the brands are perfect. Notably, her focus on goals and objectives never wavered. She is a woman who knows what to do and how to do it to get results. 

Sandra’s Pillars To Scaling Consulting Brands

  1. Branding

Sandra emphasizes the need to do proper branding. Proper branding will help you position yourself in the market authentically along with gaining customer recognition, loyalty, consistency, brand equity, and credibility.

  1. Course Creation

Course creation will reduce the likelihood of competitors stealing your customers. It will also help you continually earn from it since you can resell it many times to others. However, if not done correctly, days, weeks, and months can easily be wasted on creating your course.

  1. Organic Marketing

Sandra uses organic marketing as her number 1 tool for scaling businesses. What this concept means is bootstrapping your business in a sense without paying for ads.


Sandra is still on the journey to create more impactful brands. You can connect to her on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Email, or visit this website for more information. 

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