Top 50 Entrepreneur, Royston G King Sets to Create a Heaven on Earth

Top 50 Entrepreneur, Royston G King Sets to Create a Heaven on Earth
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The problem is most human beings do not know what it truly means to be a good person because content like this is not as popular and widespread. This is especially true in the business world where most people put profits over people first.

The solutions are fragmented around the world in many spiritual books and even in Martin Rutte, New York Times best-selling author newest book Project Heaven On Earth, who connected with me recently. I would like to share & lay out steps people can take to become better & good human beings in both business/career and in life holistically. For example, inculcating good positive values like having no preconceived judgment of others, kindness & respect to all regardless, being patient, being environmentally sustainable, volunteer for charity and helping others, learn to manage our emotions better, learn to keep gaining wisdom because ignorant is the root of all evil, etc.

I’m extremely passionate in this topic since university when I noticed my peers were admiring students who got into high paying and prestigious careers when those people are the ones with the most greed, envy, and arrogance. When the people in our world who truly deserve admiration and respect are people in charities who are forgoing materialism for a more spiritual and selfless life of helping those in need. This observation was true as I started my own business dealing with hundreds of business owners and comparing to people in other profession who are much good in moral values and nature like in charity for example. Hence, the people in business need to hear this most but its the industry that is lacking the most.

I can say confidently I’m one of the most accomplished self-made entrepreneur at my age with extreme amounts of experiences and track record that few to none have in the world of business and philantrophy. Hence, I am able to speak that the business world needs to learn this the most.

Creating heaven on earth in life & business. I, Royston G King,  just connected with Martin Rutte, new york times best-selling author of chicken soup for the soul at work and recently Project Heaven On Earth.

If you google “Royston G King heaven on earth”, you can see this is the core value I spread throughout all my companies and I take inspiration from NYT best-selling author Martin Rutte, who I had the pleasure of recently connecting with.

The main point to takeaway is on using business as a vehicle to do good in the world, and not just prioritize profits over people, unlike most big corporations.

We should look into ESG, CSR, treating stakeholders well, and most importantly making the world a better place.

Businesses essentially control the world as they fund politicians, control our usage of social media, etc. 

Doing good while doing well in business is getting more popular and I’ll like to spread this message even more like what Martin Rutte is doing.

So we hope to create heaven on earth in life & through business by helping humans learn to truly become good human beings & truly positively impacting those around them and our planet.

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