The Evolution of Grilling With Everdure

The Evolution of Grilling With Everdure
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Everdure is an award-winning grill brand, thanks to its minimalist designs and innovation. They have been a trusted Australian brand for over 30 years but founded a new brand in 2016 in collaboration with Heston Blumenthal. Their products range from charcoal and gas grills to a mobile preparation kitchen, knife range, and accessories. Their products are available in New Zealand, Europe, the USA, Canada, South Africa, and Asia. 

The Evolution 

  • Quick Start Ignition

Most charcoal grills need to be ignited by lighter or matchsticks, which takes quite a long time. However, Everdure’s 4K, HUB II, HUB, and FUSION charcoal grills can be ignited in just 10 minutes thanks to their Fast Flame Ignition SystemTM. Add a sentence about gas grills. It is no surprise that Everdure’s grills have won international design awards. These awards include International Excellence Awards, Red Dot Awards, Good Design Awards Australia, and IF World Design Guide Awards.

  • Easy Cleaning

When cleaning the internal parts of each charcoal or gas grill, you only need mild detergent, warm water, and a sponge or soft cloth. The removable tray and single-piece porcelain enamel firebox on the charcoal grills and removable grill and flat plates on the gas grills make it easier. You must also remove all the ash after every cook on the charcoal grills. The painted surface on the grills’ exteriors can also be cleaned using mild detergent, warm water, and a soft cloth. 

  • Admirable Designs 

Everdure grills are stylish. The Everdure 4K, CUBE, FURNACE and FORCE grills have vibrant color options with a UV coating that will not fade. The FURNACE and FORCE gas grills have a rustproof die-cast aluminum body designed to withstand the test of time. In addition, you can safely grill with integrated flame tamers that prevent flare-ups and burner port clogging to keep your gas grill clean and safe.

Everdure’s Mobile Preparation Kitchen allows you to prepare your meal and serve it all in one place. It features chopping and serving boards, knife slots, spaces for condiments, herbs & even an ice compartment to keep your wine cool! It also features a pull-out bin and internal storage drawers. 

The HUB II, HUB, and FUSION charcoal grills have a built-in rotisserie system that allows you to adjust the height to 3 different levels. A discrete motor powers the rotisserie. Its Cliplock ForksTM tightly grip the meat as they turn. 

  • Convection Cooking

The design of the gas range makes convection cooking easier. The rising heat bounces off the hood, creating a 360-degree circulation around the food, infusing some incredible flavors. In addition, the high hood is designed to enhance airflow for outdoor convection cooking delivering an even cook throughout the grills’ entire surface.

The charcoal barbeques infuse the meat with a distinctive flavor because of the intense heat and smoke. As a result, the meat tends to have a smokier flavor. Additionally, charcoal cooking helps retain essential nutrients like thiamine, giving food a better taste. The meat also develops a delicious char on the outside while staying moist inside. Finally, the fat falling into the coals infuses flavor back to the meat via the smoke. 


Thanks to Everdure, you can have an exciting grilling experience with friends and family whether you prefer charcoal or gas barbequing. 

You can also check out for more information on Amazon or view Everdure’s range on their website.

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