Sal Shakir Is A Multi-Millionaire who Helps People To Achieve Financial Freedom & Overcome Barriers

Sal Shakir Is A Multi-Millionaire who Helps People To Achieve Financial Freedom & Overcome Barriers
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How can you achieve financial freedom in, let’s say, five years? What steps do you need to take to overcome financial barriers? Sal Shakir is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, and multi-millionaire. Sal is all too familiar with the challenges one has to overcome to achieve financial freedom as a businessman. 

Sal came to the U.S as an immigrant. He knew little English and had to do odd jobs to make ends meet. Sal’s first job in the U.S was working at a dry cleaning service. Later on, he worked as an assistant with an AC tech and worked on painting fences. While doing odd jobs, did Sal ever think that he would become a successful businessman one day? Yes. The serial entrepreneur says that he faced multiple obstacles in life. But the worst thing you can do is doubt yourself. 

Sal made it his goal to improve his personal finances. Through proper financial planning, discipline, and determination, he managed to become the Founder and Owner of 29 businesses. 

Steps Towards Financial Freedom

The first step towards accumulating wealth is to begin to think positively about money. Sal notes that some people have a negative perception of money. They say things such as “money doesn’t last, money can’t buy you happiness, or that money leads to evil.” But does money lead to evil, or is it the love of money (a.k.a greed) that leads to evil? 

Work towards developing a positive mindset that’s founded on positive attitudes towards money. Think this way; if you have money, you can become a philanthropist and make positive changes in society. Financial freedom means that you can offer your family a better life. 

The second step towards financial freedom has to do with purpose and goals. What is your purpose in life? What is that purpose that drives you to get up every day and work? The second question that you need to ask yourself is, what are your financial goals? Do take time to think and rethink your goals. After that, work out how you can change your habits to increase your chances of accomplishing them. 

The secret to financial freedom is planning. Sal encourages people to make it a daily habit to plan for their day in advance. They say that a small leak will sink a great ship. Daily habits contribute to financial freedom. Therefore, if you have poor habits that include impulse buying, you may fail to achieve your business goals by the end of the day. 

You plan your day effectively by taking time off to brainstorm. Divide your time between work and life. If you have to play with your kid for two hours or take your dog for a walk, write it down. This daily practice of planning for your day will help clear your mind. You won’t get worked up trying to finish work, and you won’t procrastinate on your goals towards achieving financial freedom. 

You achieve financial freedom by surrounding yourself with knowledgeable, like-minded individuals. Studies show that the shift to online resurrected the human need for a tribe. We feel the need to exist in a community or a tribe that will support us, encourage us, and empowers us to pursue our dreams. Sal Shakir, along with his entrepreneur friends, launched the All In One (All-In Nation) to build a community. The organization offers an opportunity for people who want to obtain financial freedom by venturing into real estate and wholesaling. 

Sal is the owner of the leading real estate company in the country known as National Cash Offer. The company has achieved massive success due to its transparency and integrity in the market. Since its inception, the company has completed over 60,000 sales. 

In Conclusion 

Sal is an inspiration to many people. Despite his background, he managed to work his way to the top from an early age. Up to date, this serial entrepreneur recalls the struggles that his father faced when they arrived in the U.S. The family barely had enough to cover for their daily expenses. Once Sal got his work permit, he made it his aim to pursue his dreams hoping that he would be a symbol of hope for many others. You can learn more about Sal from his website here

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