Root Root Hair Care Pros Share How to Use Protective Styling to Stop Breakage

Root Root Hair Care Pros Share How to Use Protective Styling to Stop Breakage
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Like anything else, hair requires constant care through the right products and techniques. Protective styling is all the rage these days – they are styles designed to keep hair safely tucked away. This minimizes the risk of damage from daily touching.

Adding these styles to your hair regimen allows it to thrive, regrow and rejuvenate. But if done incorrectly, it can lead to breakage and further damage.

At Root Root Hair Care, we realize the ambiguity surrounding the topic. For this reason, we are bringing our readers all the information required to practice protective styling successfully.

Should I Incorporate Protective Styling in My Regimen?

Protective styles are integral for the health of your hair and should therefore be part of your style rotation. It doesn’t matter which season it is; these styles will help prevent your hair from weather damage due to the sun, water, and wind.

Different climate conditions cause the hair to shrink or expand, damaging its fibers and weakening it from inside. The result is often a poorer texture and stunted growth.

You can choose from a variety of trendy protective styles that will transform your look and restore your hair health.

How Do I Practice Protective Styling Without Causing Breakage?

The first step is to avoid putting strain on your hair, particularly the edges. For instance, a braid that is too tight that it causes a headache is a good sign of strain.

Be gentle and keep a light hand when making these styles. The next step is to prep your hair before tucking it away in protective styling. A good way to do this is by using a nourishing serum.

This Intensive Growth Serum by Root Root Hair Care hydrates nourishes and promotes hair elasticity, making your hairstyle last longer. With a little moisture, you will also notice that taking down the style is easier and will not cause your hair to tangle or break. 

We also recommend sleeping with a silk scarf wrapped on your head to prevent friction, dryness, and breakage. A silk scarf locks in the moisture, prevents frizz and leaves your hair intact.

How do I Avoid Breakage when Opening My Protective Styling?

Taking down your hair from a protective style the incorrect way can cause substantial damage and breakage. We suggest that you first spritz your hair with enough water to dampen it.

Next, slowly and gently detangle your strands either using your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. Complete the process with a quality after-care product. 

For How Long Should I Keep the Same Protective Style?

You should not keep a protective style for more than two weeks max. Going longer will put pressure on the hair follicles, causing serious falling. Wash your hair bi-weekly to get rid of any buildup, and make sure to add moisture.

Which Protective Styling Should I Choose for My Hair?

You can choose from a range of protective styles, but the most effective and trendy ones that we at Root Root Hair Care recommends include Havana twists, Bantu knots, crochet braids, and box braids. 

Be sure to incorporate these expert tips in your next protective styling routine!

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