4 Ways to Instantly Boost Your Mood If You’re Feeling Down

4 Ways to Instantly Boost Your Mood If You’re Feeling Down
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When life has you down and it feels like nothing could ever possibly make you happy again, it can be a difficult moment to go through. You may feel like things that once made you happy no longer do, and it may be a struggle just to get out of bed. 

However, there are ways to lift your mood, and possibly come out feeling better than ever. It’s all about taking the first steps. If you’re feeling down and looking for ways to brighten your spirits, here are some of the most effective things you can do right now.

Do Your Nails

Besides basic self-care like taking a shower, brushing your hair and brushing your teeth, it helps to bump things up an extra level. Little things like doing your nails can make a big difference in the way you feel. It may seem superficial, however, when you give yourself a boost of attention you feel much more motivated and inspired overall. 

Spend Time With People You Love

When it comes to lifting your spirits, nothing can do it like the people that you love. Carve some time out to spend moments with people who care about you. You’ll be reminded that you are loved, and you have plenty of reasons to be grateful. 

If see someone you love isn’t an option, then pick up the phone and call a friend. Even if you don’t necessarily feel like talking about whatever is troubling you, the simple act of chit chatting can do a lot for your mood. Talk about the weather, talk about current events, do whatever it takes to take your mind off of what’s bringing you down.

Go For a Walk

Going for a walk can make a world of difference in your mood. Even though it may seem like something incredibly basic, changing scenery can shift your mindset and completely transform your state of mind. Ideally, you should go somewhere that puts you in touch with nature, like a nice trail, or maybe even a botanical garden. 

Put on some headphones and listen to a podcast or music, and transport yourself to a different place. You’d be surprised how much better you feel when you get back home.

Watch a Funny Movie

Never underestimate the power of a good laugh. If there’s a movie that consistently makes you giggle, then by all means put it on and let your laughter out. Even if you immediately feel down again after watching the movie, at least you felt joy for the duration of the film.


Sometimes we are convinced that the world is crumbling around us, when in reality we may just be tired. Getting a good night’s rest can help you see things clearly and avoid emotional outbursts that are often triggered by lack of sleep.  
Prioritize getting at least eight hours of sleep every night, and make sure that it’s quality sleep. That means you should be sleeping in a dark room without any outside noises preferably on a comfortable mattress. Quantity of sleep is equally as important as the quality of your sleep, so make a point to balance the two.

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